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      [Event]May Super Growth Event
      Hello Adventurers!

      To celebrate our May Major Update, we are holding a Super Grow! Event

      1. Super Grow! Event

      2020/05/13 After Maintenance ~ 2020/06/10 Before Maintenance
      - Players can obtain Flowerpot from NPC Delan(88,107) in High Brunenstig.
      - When you obtain Flowerpot from NPC Delan, a Flowerpot icon appears on the left side of mini-map.
      - Players can view how much the Flowerpot has grown with the icon.
      - Flowerpot grows according to ‘Time engaged in battle with monsters’.
      - Flowerpot grows for a certain amount when activating ‘Red Stone Energy’.
      - Players can open the event UI and claim reward by clicking the Flowerpot icon.

      1) Flowerpot Reward
      - Players can obtain Flowerpot growth reward in 3 different stages(25%, 50%, 100%).
      - Flowerpot resets to 0% after claiming the 3 stage reward(100%), 
      and the Flowerpot can be grown again after re-obtaining the Flowerpot item.
      - Claiming rewards below 3 stage(100%) will deduct the growth % from Flowerpot. 

      ※ Growth Stage Reward can be obtained randomly from the table above for each stage.

      2. Super Harvest! Event

      2020/05/13 After Maintenance ~ 2020/06/10 Before Maintenance
      - Players can participate in the event once per character, ONE newly created after May 13th maintenance.
      - Only one character per account can participate in the event,
      - Level Up Reward can be claimed when the character reaches 100 Level to 600 Level. 

      ※ Level Up Reward can be claimed from NPC Delan.
      ※ If player proceeds with Rebirth without claiming the Level Up Reward 
      and level up afterwards, Level Up Reward cannot be claimed.
      1) Event Ring Information

      ※ Ring of Rest is an Untradeable item.

      ※ Ring of Blessing is Cannot be stored in Bank/Untradeable item.

      2) High Rank DX Unique Equipment Information

      3) DX Unique Equipment Information

      [One-hand Sword]

      [Two-handed Sword]








      [Glove, Claw, Martial Weapon]



      [Magic Rod]





      [Tiwn Sword]


      [Shadow Sphere]

      [Bayonet Aesthetics]

      [Blazing Stone]


      [Casket, Helmet]

      [Common Armor]







      3. May Special Attendance Check Event

      - 2020/05/13 After Maintenance ~ 2020/06/10 Before Maintenance

      - Players can receive Attendance Check reward when accessing the game.

      4. May Connecting Event 

      2020/05/13 After Maintenance ~ 2020/06/10 Before Maintenance 

      - Players connecting to Red Stone Online can obtain rewards
      for maintaining connection from Attendance Check menu.
      - Connecting event resets every day at 00:00:00 in-game time.
      -Connecting time is measured for each character
      and reward can be claimed once per account.

      5. Status Condition Restructure Stat & Skill Reset Event

      2020/05/13 After Maintenance ~ 2020/05/27 Before Maintenance

      - The classes listed below can reset their stat points
      and skill points ONCE during the event period.
      - Stat & Skill points can be reset from NPC Obilina located
      next to NPC Event Helper in High Brunenstig (83, 122)

      Classes eligible for Stat&Skill Reset are:
      Squire, Warrior, Magician, Werewolf, Princess, Little Witch, Opticalist, Beastman,
      Tamer, Summoner, Thief, Monk, Maid, Demon Sorceress, Musketeer, Alchemist,
      Priest, Fallen Angel, Magic Archer, Magic Lancer, Necromancer, Demon, Spritualist, Champion

      Please note some of the tables may look broken or extending out
      to side in PC and Mobile webpage.
      We are looking for ways to solve the problem.
      We ask for your kind understanding.
      Thank you.

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online.