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      [Notice]System Update
      Hello, Adventurers!
      We will be bringing you brief overview for our game system update that will be brought in with 
      our future Major Update planned in May.

      Here are links to our other update for you to take a look at.

      1. Status Condition System Restructure

      [The purpose of Status Condition System Restructure]

      The status condition system of Red Stone is to attract the attention of customers and is one of the systems 
      that can enhance your enjoyment.

      In the past, Red Stone provided players with out of ordinary enjoyment through the status condition system.
      However, as time went by, most of the status condition is currently not playing their part.

      To provide more strategic and exciting PvP content rather than measuring strength by character class and
       specs only, status condition system has been reworked to allow players to utilize status condition effects
       allocated to each character classes. This would also allow a new hunting method to take advantage
       of status condition effect in monster hunting in the field.

      However, since reworking status condition system can cause various unintended issues, we will be changing
       all status condition effects, including character skills, monsters and items.
      [Status Condition System Rework]

      - Whether the status condition is applied or not is determined based on the resistance value.
      - The chance of status condition being applied will be determined depending on the level difference.
      - The status condition resistance formulae will be changed.
      - Status condition resistance effect can influence the duration of status condition.
      - The value and duration of the skills that had status condition effect will be changed, due to 
      the status condition system rework.
      - The options on the items that had status condition will be changed or removed.
      - The effect where inflicting attribute damage triggering status condition will be removed from
      [Type of Status Condition]

      Crowd Control-type



      [Inaction, action control]

      - As we described above the status condition effect, powerful status condition effect, immobilize,
       freeze, etc. are separately classified as inaction and action control.
      - If the cumulative total time spent in the inaction state exceeds a certain limit, target becomes
       immune to inaction state for a certain period.  

      Action control
      - If the cumulative total time spent in the action control state exceeds a certain limit,
       target becomes immune to action control state for a certain period.

      [Status condition icon]

      - Status condition icons will be displayed above the character and monster.

      2. Multiple Disassembly System Added 

      - Multiple Disassembly system is added to increase user convenience when disassembling items.
      - Another World Enhancement system is improved for user convenience.

      [Unique Item Disassembly]

      - ‘NPC Maestro Tunga’ and ‘NPC Tanpo’ can proceed with Unique Item Batch Disassembly.
        > NPC Maestro Tunga : High Brunenstig Adventure Association (58,20)
        > NPC Maestro Tanpo : High Brunenstig (99,52)
      - You cannot proceed with Unique Item Batch Disassembly if there is not enough space in inventory.
      - If there are many ingredient items (over 100 Mystery Stone Pieces, A piece of a relic of Ancient),
       they are automatically converted when obtaining materials from disassembly.
      - You can exchange between ingredient items from ‘NPC Maestro Tunga’ ‘NPC Tanpo’, 
      ‘NPC Archeologist Gran’ in Guild Hall.
        > Mysterious Stone <-> Mystery Stone Pieces, Complete Tantilis Relic <-> A piece of a relic of 
        Ancient Tantilis

      [Magic Ink Disassembly]

      - ‘NPC Lasha’ can proceed with Magic Ink Batch Disassembly.
        > NPC Lasha : High Brunenstig (101,52)
      - You cannot proceed with Magic Ink Batch Disassembly if there is not enough space in inventory.
      - You can proceed with Magic Ink Batch Disassembly with ‘Special Magic Ink Solvent[Durational]’ item.
      - You can proceed with Magic Ink Disassembly once with ‘Magic Ink Solvent[1Time Only]’ as usual.

      [Creature Batch Transmission]

      - You can proceed with Creature Batch Transmission from the ‘Send’ tab in ‘Creature Menu’ UI
      - ‘Creature Menu’ UI button is moved below Mini-map after update.

      3. Siege Rework 

      - You no longer receive ‘Death Penalty’ if you die in Siege fields.
      - You can use all class change skills of all characters in Guild Siege/Guild Battle/PvP Mode.
      - Players become invulnerable in Besieging side entrance area.
      - Maximum HP of Guild Emblem and Guild Strategic Points are increased.
      - Surrender action is added.
        > When the Guild Master enters ‘@surrender’ command, the siege is counted as a loss, and message 
      is displayed.
        > Guild Masters can enable ‘Sub Guild Master’ and ‘Guild Elder’ as eligible to use ‘@surrender’ command
       in ‘Guild Member Authority Settings’ meny.
      - A waiting time is added to reviving when a character dies, and ‘Revive in Respawn Area’ button is added.
        > Players cannot be resurrected by resurrection items and the resurrection skill from mini-pets.
      - Guild Emblem and Guild Strategic Points now recover HP.
        > Recover 1 HP per second, 5 HP per second when in non-combat (10 seconds after the last hit applied)
      - Efficiency of Block Effect is reduced, and skills can be used across walls.
        > Certain skills that can move past walls and objects cannot be used (eg. Magician’s Teleport skill)
      - Siege-limited consumable items are added, and certain consumable items cannot be used any more.
       > You can purchase the consumable items from ‘NPC Evil Storekeeper Lady’ in Guild Battle Application 
      Office and Guild Hall ‘NPC Antique Dealer Loen’.

      - Destroying all Guild Strategic Points enables ‘Exaltation Statue (Special Portal)’ to be used.
        > The besieging side can activate ‘Exaltation Statue’ multiple times by clicking on the ‘Exaltation Statue’ 
      object inside the castle.
        > The besieging side can use object located near the ‘Besieging side respawn area’ after activating the
       ‘Exaltation Statue’ to move quickly into the castle.
        > Activated Exaltation Statue can be deactivated by the defending side multiple times by clicking on the 
      ‘Exaltation Statue’ object.

      [Castle Gate Rule]

      - Each gate has different ranks (1st, 2nd, 3rd), and if the ‘1st Gate’ is not destroyed in 10 minutes 
      after the siege starts, the siege ends and the defending side wins.
      - If ‘1st gate’ is destroyed within 10 minutes from the beginning of the siege, the time limit for the siege
       is extended by 30 minutes.
      - When one gate is destroyed, all gates with the same rank are destroyed as well (ie. You only need to 
      destroy one 1st gate for all 1st gates to open).
      - A one-way portal is added for the defending side to move to the outside of the castle.
      - The gate cannot be opened by the defending side.
      - The gate remains open for the siege after being destroyed.


      [Hall 3]

      [Hall 4]

      [Hall 5]

      4. New PvP Weapons 



      5. New equipment Enhancement System added

      - The new equipment enhancement system can be proceeded from the "Smelting" UI tab 
      in the character's inventory.
      - Smelting is available from minimum “Unique Rank” equipment items.
      - Rings and sub-weapons cannot be smelted.
      - Smelting equipment can be proceeded from level 1 up to level 20 and it is applied randomly.
      - Level 1 to level 7 decreases by 1 level when smelting fails.
      - From level 8 to level 10, the smelting level will drop to 0 if smelting fails.
      - From Level 11, the item will either decrease to level 0 or be destroyed if smelting fails,
      - When using “Smelting Coating Agent”, the smelting level will not decrease decrease when
       smelting fails from level 1 to level 10,
      -When using “Smelting Coating Agent”, the smelting level will decrease to 0 but the itemwill not be 
      destroyed when smelting fails from level 11 to level 20.

      [Required items for each Smelting Level]

      ※ Confusion Stone is a material item that can occasionally be obtained by disassembling ULT unique item,
       or from the Earth of Confusion.
      ※ You can use Bottomless Box and Magic Book of Mirror on Smelting item, but it is not applied on 
      the smelting level.
      [Option for Each Smelting Level]

      - You can choose one of the smelting options that will randomly appear on Level 1, Level 5, Level 10, 
      Level 15, and Level 18 when you succeed smelting.
      -The type and number of smelting options are applied differently on the part of the item and the same
      can be classified into low class, middle class, and high class.
       - Low class options appear on Unique Rank items, middle class options appear on DX unique Rank items
       and high class options appear on ULT Unique Rank items.
       - Low class options appear on General set items, and middle class options appear on DX set items.
      - Eternal weapons are also available for smelting and if you smelt eternal weapon, the smelting level
       will be inherited.
      - The higher level that you can choose smelting option, the more effective option appears.
      .- If you choose Level 1, Level 5, Level 10, Level 15 and Level 18 smelting option, the same option
       does not appear in higher levels.
      - The higher the smelting level increases, the higher the value of the smelting option becomes.
      - The number of options that can be selected will increase from 3 to 4 when you smelt by using 
      ‘Smelting Magic Book’ 

      [Changing Smelting Options]

      - You can re-select the options of each level for the smelted item by consuming gold.
      - You can change the smelting option in your inventory, from the smelting menu from 
      the smelting menu on the smelting UI tab.
      - The number of options that you can choose increase from 3 to 4 when you change
       the smelting option by using ‘Smelting Magic Book,

      [Confusion Stone]

      - You can get Confusion Stone by disassembling ULT Unique Rank Item and ULT Unique Rank Item [NX].
      - You can get Confusion stone from Earth of Confusion reward box at level 7 and above.

      6. New Sub quest added

      - New sub quest can be accepted form a NPC ‘Alec’ in ‘The Abandoned Catacomb B1’.
        > NPC Alec: The Abandoned Catacomb B1 (173,181)

      7. Earth of Confusion Ranking System Added

      - Earth of Confusion Ranking can be checked from ‘Crimson Light’ Object located in High Brunenstig.
        > Crimson Light Object : High Brunenstig 141,132
      - Earth of Confusion Ranking can only be applied/renewed in solo mode.
      - Earth of Confusion Ranking is allocated and renewed in real time, according to the time taken 
      to clear each level.
      - Up to 30th rank are displayed, and the ranking is reset every Wednesday at 00:00(UTC-8, in-game time).
      - You can receive the last week’s ranking reward by checking the last week’s Ranking Table.
      - The Ranking reward cannot be received if you do not receive it personally.
      [Earth of Confusion Ranking Reward]

      8. New Nephon Creatures Added

      - 14 new Nephon Creatures are added.

      9. New Prefix Added & Changed 

      - 4 new prefixes are added.

      - The values of 3 prefixes listed below are changed.

      10. Other System Changes

      - Registering equipment and ingredient to perform Another World Enhancement after a previous
       enhancement is improved.
      - Option changes made when performing Another World Enhancement can be immediately 
      checked in the enhancement information window.
      - ‘Hide UI’ button and ‘Show UI’ button are added below the mini-map.

      - Overlapped characters can be viewed by clicking ‘Shift + Right Click’

      - Casting skill on self becomes available by using skill while pressing ‘Alt’ key.

      - Block damage reduction rate while in PvP is changed.
      - Class Change effects are applied while in Siege/Guild Battle/PvP.
      - Confusion Stone can be obtained by disassembling ULT Unique items.
      - Confusion Stone can occasionally be obtained by clearing Earth of Confusion at a certain difficulty level
       and above.

      - ‘Creature’ button can be enable/disabled from ‘Game Option’ menu.
      - Magic Damage Increase limit value is increased.
      - Mission Book ‘2. Beginning of Adventure – Continued Cooperation’ quest information is changed.
      - Maximum awakening value of Nephon Creatures are changed to display innate rank values.
      - Certain Compass items can now be destroyed.
        >Gale`s Compass, Forgotten Waterways Compass, Estelle's Compass, Iker's Compass, Log Cabin Compass,
       Einer Garfield's Compass
      - Blessing of Wind, Strong Blessing of Wind effects are changed.
       (Critical Hit Rate increased upon attack success)
      - Certain Magic Stone names will be changed.
        > Ultimate Magic Stone of All Resistance Lowering -> Ultimate Magic Stone of Weaker Target Magic
        > Ultimate Magic Stone of All Types of Attack -> Ultimate Magic Stone of Magic Attack
        > Dual Magic Stone with All Attribute Resistance Decrease and Attack -> Dual Magic Stone of Weaker
       Target Magic Resistance and of Attack

      - Item information shown when using Longing Prefix Amulets are changed
      - Pop-up notice displayed when using Longing Prefix Amulets are changed.

      Please note some of the tables may look broken or extending out to side in PC and Mobile webpage.
      We are looking for ways to solve the problem.
      We ask for your kind understanding.

      Thank you.

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online.