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      [Patchnote]Nephon Creature Content Rework

      Hello, Adventurers!
      Here are the preview for our Red Stone Spring Update.
      Below, we will be providing information about our Nephon Creature Content Rework included in the update.

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      [Spirng Flower Festival Event]

      [Spring Update Special Offer]


      Nephon Creature Content Rework

      1) Nephon Creature PvP Content Removed

       - Nephon Creature PvP Content will be removed, and become unavailable.

      2) Nephon Creature Abandon Removed

       - Nephon Creature Abandon function will be removed, as Nephon Creature Essence Cap will be increased as mentioned below

      3) Nephon Creature Essence Cap Increased

       - You can possess up to 1,000,000 Nephon Creature Essence per character (Previously 50,000)

      4) Nephon Creature Adventure Improvements

       - Creature Adventure now becomes account-wide.

       - You can proceed with 2 Creature Adventures per account at the same time, and up to 4 at the same time if you expand twice with [Unitive Strap].

       - You need to register at least 2 Nephon Creatures to proceed with Creature Adventure, and you can choose to register up to 4 Creatures.

       - You can only proceed Nephon Creature Adventures with Creatures in current character, and cannot form a team with Creatures in other characters in the account.

       - Creatures that have completed, or are in progress of an Adventure cannot participate in another Adventure until you receive the reward.

       - Time required for each Adventure is random, and you can reduce it by registering [The same Type of Creature as the Adventure Type].
      (ie. If the Adventure Type is Support type, register Support Type Creatures to reduce the time required)

       - [High Class] Adventure appears at a certain chance, up to 2 Adventures.

       - Creature Adventure list resets at 00:00(in-game time), and you can click the reset button located at the bottom of Creature Adventure UI. 
      (Creature Adventure reset is limited to once per day, and reset count will be reset at 00:00(in-game time) every day)

       - Creature Adventure is divided into 2 ranks [Low Class] and [High Class], and all adventures have [Terrain, Obstruction].

       - Creature skills change into skills related to [Terrain and Obstruction] adaptability, either [Single/All Terrain adaptation] or [Single/All Obstruction adaptation].

       - Bonus adaptation will be provided according to Creature rarity.

       - In Creature Adventure, adaptability increased by [Creature Rank and Skill] affects [Adventure Success/Great Success] rate.

       - Upgrading Creature Skills with Nephon Creature Medal can provide additional adaptation.
      (Whether skill upgrade proceeded or not before the rework will be maintained.)

      [Creature Adventure adaptation Bonus Information]

      [Creature Rarity and Skill Type adaptation Information]

      [Creature Skill Information]

       - Creature Main/Sub skill will be changed to [Terrain adaptation], [Obstruction adaptation] skills.

      [Unitive Strap Compensation Information]

       - As Creature Adventure changes to account-wide system, if you have expanded Creature Adventure in your account more than 2 times by [Unitive Strap], or have unused [Unitive Strap] in your account, the excess count of [Unitive Strap] will be compensated with [Unitive Strap Exchange Box]

      ※ You can select and receive 1 reward box when you use Unitive Strap Exchange Box.
      ※ Excess [Unitive Strap] purchased after the Nephon Creature Rework will not be compensated with [Unitive Strap Exchange Box].
      [Reward Box Content]

      Will will be updating this notice if any changes are made before the update.
      Please be advised, thank you.

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online.