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      [Patchnote]Other Updates

      Hello, Adventurers!
      Here are the preview for our Red Stone Spring Update.
      Below, we will be providing information on our other updates

      Also, below are the links to other notices you may wish to take a look at.


      [Claas Balance Patch]

      [Nephon Creature Content Rework]

      [Spirng Flower Festival Event]

      [Spring Update Special Offer]


      In our previous version of this notice, we notified incorrectly that new Hunting Fields, Episode Quests and Sub Quests will be added.

      We apologize for the confusion caused by this mistake.


      Other Updates

      1. Improved Main Quest 1,2

      1) Main Quest 1 Improvements

        - Some main quests 1 Chapter 5 - Heavenly bonus stat rewards are improved.

        - If you receive a bonus stat reward before Virtue and the Vice improvement, rate that you get will be changed to 100 (value is up to 100)

      ※ Other than the improved rewards, all the rest of rewards are the same as before.
      ※ If you received any of rewards at least once before the improvement, rewards will be applied as improved version after the update.
      ※ The tooltip related to the maximum HP bonus in the health UI has been changed to the improved content.

        - As [Maximum HP, CP Bonus] is changed to Receive (1 time), [Number of Bonus Received, Penalty] will be changed to [100% Penalty].
        : The Penalty that applied when using [Ability Retrain Card], [Skill Retrain Card] remains the same. 
        - The previously applied penalty level is maintained (penalty 1 time 10%)
        : The penalty reset through Underworld reward [Blood Purification], [Mind Purification] will remain the same as before.
        -  Added new guideline text for the quest-related item for the [Completion of a New Red Stone] quest, 
        [Adventurers' Association Bar - NPC Lehm (90, 40)]. 

      2) Main Quest 2 Improvement
       - You can now purchase quest-related items for the quest [Repeated Purification] [Adventurers' Association Bar NPC Lehm (90,40)] 
       - Added new guideline text for the quest-related item for the [Repeated Purification] quest, 
      can be purchase from [Adventurers' Association Bar NPC Lehm (90,40)]

      - You can now teleport to [Underworld Ambassador’s Residence] through [Adventurers' Association Bar NPC Devora (94,42)]

      ※ Available only at the last stage of the quest [Repeated Purification]

      . Main Quest 1 Repeatable Quest Path Improvements

        - When proceeding with Main Quest 1 Repeatable Quest, related NPC will teleport you to the next location to proceed the quest.
        1) Heaven : After talking to [NPC Heimdall], you will be teleported to [Sanctuary of Redemption 3F] [NPC Siera] to allow the  quest completion.
        (Afterwards, talking to [NPC Siera] will teleport you to [Vifrost Bridge Front].)
        Underworld/Red Devil : After talking to [NPC Andy], you will be teleported to the next field according to your choice.
        Underworld: Underworld Town, Red Devil : Rusfell’s Fortress)

      ※ If you are proceeding with the Main Quest for the first time, or proceeding with the faction Main Quest for the first time, you will need to proceed with the quest as before.

      3. Level Up Section Improvements
      1) Delan’s Secret Map, Adventurer Association Request Quest Improvements
        - Experience reward from completing Delan’s Secret Map quests will be increased.

        - Adventurer Association Request quest completion reward will be improved.

      2) Darlene’s Tutorial Improvements
        - Completion rewards for certain Darlene’s Tutorial quests will be improved.
        - 2 quests related to Elimination and Dimension Hub will be added.
        - Certain Darlene’s Tutorial quests will become easier to clear.

      3) Adventurer Report Season 1, 2 Improvements
        - Experience reward for completing Adventurer Report will be improved.
        - Certain Adventurer Reports that requires you to participate in [Weekly Contents] will be changed.
        > Adventurer Report (17), (29): Receive Main Quest completion reward -> Complete Dungeon of Trial 1 time
        > Adventurer Report Season 2 (18), (30): Complete Weekly Raid 1 time -> Complete Earth of Confusion 1 time
        - When you are progressing [Adventurer Report] through Darlene’s Tutorial, you will also progress on [Adventurer Report Season 2 ] as well.
         (Available level for the first Adventurer Report Season 2 will be changed.)

      - A guide function, which informs about any Adventurer Report you could proceed will become available.

      4) Rebirth Quest Improvements
        - While progressing Rebirth quest, when you are talking to related NPC, if you need to move to somewhere else, you will be teleported to the related location.
        - Certain conditions will be made easier for Rebirth quests, such as chances of obtaining Rebirth quest items and monster appearing more frequently.

      4. Adjusted Raid Exp Reward 
       - Increased the Raid exp reward for 920~ 990 level.
      5. Changes of NPC Models
       - The modeling of NPCs [Chariman Schult], [Einer Garfield] [Linwood], [John Malcom] will be changed.

      Will will be updating this notice if any changes are made before the update.
      Please be advised, thank you.

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online.