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      [Update]Spring Update Overview

      Hello, Adventurers!
      Here are the brief overview for our Red Stone Spring Update.

      1. Class Balance Patch

       - Skill balance and quality of life changes will be applied to certain classes.
      ※ We will be updating the notice below if any changes are made, and skills not included in the update list remain the same


      [ Scything Blade > Scimitar Cutting ] : Removed Ignore Enemy Block effect. Changed Hit Number, CP Gained. Hit Area added.


      [ Spider Web ] : Removed Cannot Move effect, Cooltime. Changed Hit Area. Added Move Speed Reduction effect, additional skill effect.

      [ Spider Mesh ] : Removed Fire Damage, Hit Number, Cannot Move effect, Cooltime. Changed Skill Duration, Hit Area. Added Moven Speed Reduction effect, additional skill effect

      [ Arachnophobia ] : Removed Move Speed Reduction effect. Added Cannot Move effect.

      [ Lash Blaze ] : Changed Skill Description.


      [ Plot of Shadow > Plot Shadow ] : Added additonal skill effect.

      [ Shadow of the Wicked Scheme > Shadow Of Intrigue ] : Added additional skill effect.


      [ Grand Claws ] : Changed Range, CP Gained. Added Hit Number.

      Little Witch

      [ Fancy Transformation ] : Changed passive effect.


      [ Horrific Area ] : Added additional skill effect


      [ Damage Spread ] : Changed Hit Number.

      [ Damage Expansion ] : Changed Hit Number.

      PVP - Thief

      - PVE skills will remain the same as before. Only PVP skill changes.

      [ Underhanded Strategy ] : Changed Bleed Duration. Bleed Damage.

      PVP – Little WItch

      - PVE skills will remain the same as before. Only PVP skill changes.

      [ Comet Shooting ] : Changed Bleed Duration. Bleed Damage.

      [ Commet Launch ] : Changed Bleed effect duration, Bleed damage

      2. Nephon Creature Content Rework

      1) Nephon Creature PvP Content Removed
       - Nephon Creature PvP Content will be removed, and become unavailable.

      2) Nephon Creature Abandon Removed
       - Nephon Creature Abandon function will be removed, as Nephon Creature Essence Cap will be increased.
      3) Nephon Creature Essence Cap Increased
        - You can possess up to 1,000,000 Nephon Creature Essence per character (Previously 50,000)
      4) Nephon Creature Adventure Improvements

       - Creature Adventure now becomes account-wide.

       - You can proceed with 2 Creature Adventures per account at the same time, and up to 4 at the same time if you expand twice with [Unitive Strap].

       - Time required for each Adventure is random, and you can reduce it by registering [The same Type of Creature as the Adventure Type].
        (ie. If the Adventure Type is Support type, register Support Type Creatures to reduce the time required)

       - [High Class] Adventure appears at a certain chance, up to 2 Adventures.

       - Creature Adventure list resets at 00:00(in-game time), and you can click the reset button located at the bottom of Creature Adventure UI.
        (Creature Adventure reset is limited to once per day, and reset count will be reset at 00:00(in-game time) every day)

       - Creature Adventure is divided into 2 ranks [Low Class] and [High Class], and all adventures have [Terrain, Obstruction].

       - Creature skills change into skills related to [Terrain and Obstruction] adaptability, either [Single/All Terrain adaptation] or [Single/All Obstruction adaptation].

       - Bonus adaptation will be provided according to Creature rarity.

       - In Creature Adventure, adaptability increased by [Creature Rank and Skill] affects [Adventure Success/Great Success] rate.

       - Upgrading Creature Skills with Nephon Creature Medal can provide additional adaptation.
        (Whether skill upgrade proceeded or not before the rework will be maintained.)

      For more detailed information on Creature Skills, Adaptation and Bonuses, please wait until we release our detailed patchnotes on Nephon Creature Content Rework.

      Unitive Strap Compensation Information

       - As Creature Adventure changes to account-wide system, if you have expanded Creature Adventure in your accout more than 2 times by [Unitive Strap], or have unused [Unitive Strap] in your account, the excess count of [Unitive Strap] will be compensated with [Unitive Strap Exchange Box]

      For more detailed information on Unitive Strap compensation, please wait for our detailed patchnotes on Nephon Creature Content Rework.

      3. Other Updates

      1. New Hunting Fields Added

      - 1 new Hunting Field for characters at level 800~850, and 1 new Hunting Field for level 850~900 will be added.

      2. New Episode Quest 'Colliding Two Stars' Added

       - Characters above level 1000 can begin the New Episode Quest.
       - You can obtain [1 New Emote] and [1 Episode-Only Ring] as a completion reward.

      3. New Sub Quests Added

      - New sub quests can be started with characters of Level 900 or higher.
      - You can receive new sub quests from port city “Bridgehead’ NPC ‘Trade Sailor’ 
      - All new sub quests will be opened sequentially
      ※ ※ These quests are normal quests, you are allowed to cancel the quest at any time you want.

      4. Improved Main Quest 1,2

      1) Main Quest 1 Improvements

       - Some main quests 1 Chapter 5 - Heavenly bonus stat rewards are improved.

       - As [Maximum HP, CP Bonus] is changed to Receive (1 time), [Number of Bonus Received, Penalty] will be changed to [100% Penalty].
      : The Penalty that applied when using [Ability Retrain Card], [Skill Retrain Card] remains the same. 

      - The previously applied penalty level is maintained (penalty 1 time 10%)
      : The penalty reset through Underworld reward [Blood Purification], [Mind Purification] will remain the same as before.

       - Added new guideline text for the quest-related item for the [Completion of a New Red Stone] quest,
      [Adventurers' Association Bar - NPC Lehm (90, 40)]. 

      2) Main Quest 2 Improvement

       - You can purchase some quest-related items for the quest [Repeated Purification] [Adventurers' Association Bar NPC Lehm (90,40)] 

      - You can teleport to [Underworld Ambassador’s Residence] through [Adventurers' Association Bar NPC Devora (94,42)]

      ※ Teleport Available only at the last stage of the quest [Repeated Purification]

      5. Main Quest 1 Repeatable Quest Path Improvements

       - When proceeding with Main Quest 1 Repeatable Quest, related NPC will teleport you to the next location to proceed the quest.

      1) Heaven : After talking to [NPC Heimdall], you will be teleported to [Sanctuary of Redemption 3F] [NPC Siera] to allow the quest completion.  (Afterwards, talking to [NPC Siera] will teleport you to [Vifrost Bridge Front].)

      2) Underworld/Red Devil : After talking to [NPC Andy], you will be teleported to the next field according to your choice. (Underworld: Underworld Town, Red Devil : Rusfell’s Fortress)

      ※ If you are proceeding with the Main Quest for the first time, or proceeding with the faction Main Quest for the first time, you will need to proceed with the quest as before.
      6. Level Up Section Improvements

      1) Delan’s Secret Map, Adventurer Association Request Quest Improvements
        - Experience reward from completing Delan’s Secret Map quests will be increased.
        - Adventurer Association Request quest completion reward will be improved.
      2) Darlene’s Tutorial Improvements
        - Completion rewards for certain Darlene’s Tutorial quests will be improved.
        - 2 quests related to Elimination and Dimension Hub will be added.
        - Certain Darlene’s Tutorial quests will become easier to clear.
      3) Adventurer Report Season 1, 2 Improvements
        - Experience reward for completing Adventurer Report will be improved.
        - Certain Adventurer Reports that requires you to participate in [Weekly Contents] will be changed.
        - When you are progressing [Adventurer Report] through Darlene’s Tutoral, you will also progress on [Adventurer Report Season 2] as well. (Available level for the first Adventurer Report Season 2 will be changed.)
        - A guide function, which informs about any Adventurer Report you could proceed will become available.
      4) Rebirth Quest Improvements
        - While progressing Rebirth quest, when you are talking to related NPC, if you need to move to somewhere else, you will be teleported to the related location.
        - Certain conditions will be made easier for Rebirth quests, such as chances of obtaining Rebirth quest items and monster appearing more frequently.

      7. Adjusted Raid Exp Reward 

       - Increased the Raid exp reward for 920~ 990 level.
      8. Changes of NPC Models

       - The modeling of NPCs [Chariman Schult], [Einer Garfield] [Linwood], [John Malcom] will be changed.

      We will be updating the notice if any changes are made.
      Thank you.

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online.