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      [Event]World Event Clear Count
      Hello Adventurers!

      We have brought the week World Event Clear Count for each faction!
      Please check below for more details.

      - 2020/06/29 After Maintenance ~ 2020/07/29 Before Maintenance

      [How to Participate]
      - Players can participate in the event by completing the weekly repeatable Main Quest 1 “1. Completion of a New Red Stone “.
      - Each faction’s rank will be decided according to the accumulated number of the quest cleared for the faction within event duration.
      - The event reward will be provided to the participants according to the rank of each faction, as mentioned below.

      ※ We will be notifying the number of quest clears for each faction after maintenance every week.

      [Event reward for each Red Stone Factions]

      [Clear Count]

      ※ Please note that from this week, we will be updating the total cumulative quest clear count, not the count for each week.

      Please be advised, thank you.
      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online