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      [Sales]April Special Offer
      Hello, Adventurers!

      Here are the details for our April Special Offer!

      1. Phoenix Key Limited Offer

      2020/04/08 After Maintenance ~ 2020/05/06 Before Maintenance


      When using the Phoenix Key to unlock treasure boxes that were obtained during the event, the probability of receiving one item from the components will increase.

       ‘Ultimate Magic Stone Selection Ticket’ - the component of Soot Box, is displayed at the top of the Magic Stone option when the cursor is rolled over in the selection screen, and the option is random when it is actually received.

      (Ex: Ultimate Magic Stone of PVP damage is displayed on the screen at 32%, but it is 27% ~ 32% random at the time of actual acceptance.)

      1. You can buy Phoenix Key only in the Point Store
      2. Phoenix Key is different from Phoenix Feather Key that you can obtain from the NPC
      3. The components in the treasure box are different in case you open it with Phoenix Key and Phoenix Feather Key
      4. You won’t be able to cancel or refund a purchase after you move the item from shopping cart to your inventory.

      2. April 10% Sale

      2020/04/08 After Maintenance ~ 2020/05/06 Before Maintenance

      We are providing a 10% sale on items listed below to provide support for those players who are facing difficulties caused due to COVID-19 situation.

      Please note
      1. Sale details could be changed due to internal affairs. Any changes made will be notified in a separate announcement.

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online.