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      [Event]Weekend Hot Time for Compensation
      Hello, Adventurers!

      To Compensate for our extended maintenance on March 11th, we will be holding a Weekend Hot Time for Compensation Event!

      Please look below for more details.

      1. Weekend Hot Time for Compensation Event information

      March 13th 10:00 ~ March 13th 13:00 (in-game time, UTC-8)
      March 13th 20:00 ~ March 13th 23:00 (in-game time, UTC-8)
      March 14th 03:00 ~ March 14th 06:00 (in-game time, UTC-8)
      March 14th 10:00 ~ March 14th 13:00 (in-game time, UTC-8)
      March 14th 20:00 ~ March 14th 23:00 (in-game time, UTC-8)
      March 15th 03:00 ~ March 15th 06:00 (in-game time, UTC-8)

      - All adventurers connecting to Red Stone receive 200% EXP / 200% Item Drop boost during event period.

      Please be advised, thank you.

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online