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      [Event]Shooting Star Event
      Hello, Adventurers!

      To provide you with easier hunting experience and faster leveling, we will be holding a Shooting Star event!

      Please look below for more details.

      1. Balance Patch Stat & Skill Reset Event

      - Duration : 2019/10/07 After Maintenance ~ 2019/11/13 Before Maintenance

      - Magician/Werewolf and Champion/Spiritualist characters can reset their stat points and skill points ONCE during the event period.

      - Stat & Skill points can be reset from NPC Obilina located next to NPC Event Helper in High Brunenstig (83, 122)

      2. Shooting Star Event

      1) Attendance Check Event

      - Duration : 2019/10/07 After Maintenance ~ 2019/11/13 Before Maintenance

      - Players connecting to Red Stone Online can take attendance check every day when they log in. 
      - See Shooting Star Attendance Check tab from Attendance Check menu and collect the rewards

      2) Red Stone Energy Event

      - Red Stone Energy Interval is reduced to 5 minutes during event period.
      - ‘Starlight Box’ can be obtained at 100% chance when Red Stone Energy is activated.
      - ‘Starlight Box’ can be enhanced up to 4 times at a certain probability by using ‘Stalight Dust’. (High Brunenstig NPC Agent Delan 88,106)
      - Only “Starlight Dust” disappears when enhancing ‘Starlight Box’ fails, and the failed box cannot be enhanced any more.

      - Items that can be obtained in each Starlight Box are listed below

      3) Badge Event

      - Shooting Star Badge can be collected during event period from NPC ‘Agent Delan’ in High Brunenstig.
      - Please note players who already have 3 badges in their inventory will not be able to lend these durational badges.

      - Shooting Star Badge can be upgraded with ‘Starlight Dust’

      - Badges available for lease are listed below

      4) Connecting event

      - Players connecting to Red Stone Online can obtain rewards for maintaining connection from Attendance Check menu.
      - Connecting event resets every day at 00:00:00 in-game time. Connecting time is measured for each character and reward can be claimed once per account.

      5) Get the Coin! event 

      - Characters who completed ‘Rapid Growth Support Item’ quest from NPC ‘Darlene‘ can obtain Adventurer Coin from monsters above -100 level below their character.

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online