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      [Patchnote] January Update Patchnotes

      Hello Adventurers! 

      We are glad that we can provide information on the January Update
      Here are the detailed information

      1. Added New Sub Quest
      - A new sub-quest can be played with character level 1150 or higher 
      - New sub-quest starts from the map 'Depleted Forest of Life' NPC 'Stranger'
      - All new sub-quests will be unlocked sequentially.

      ※  New sub-quests are normal quest and can be canceled at any time

      2. Added New Features on Nephon Creature 

      - Added 2 new fantasy and 2 legendary creatures 
      - Added bonus points for registering new creatures 
      - New Creatures can be obtained from 'Rivera Cocoon'
      - The legendary nephon creatures that you can obtain from Rivera Cocoon are limited to "Petit Surag" and "Petit Falcon" (you  can't obtain other legendary creatures from Rivera Cocoon)

      [New Fantasy Nephon Creature]

      [New Legend Creature]

      [Nephone Creature Book, Registration Effect]

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      Red Stone Online