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      [Patch Note] Captain Awakening Update Major Patch notes

      Hello Adventurer! 
      Here are the details on our November Update!

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      1. Improved Transcendence Skill
      - Added new Vision Transcendence Book
      - Reorganized and adjusted the previous Vision Transcendence books for each class
      - Added New Rare Transcendence books
      - Required skill points for transcendence skill upgrade have been decreased 

      [Reduced requirements material for vision transcendence skills upgrade]
      The number of skill points required for vision transcendence skill upgrade has been reduced.

      ※ The number of materials for Gold, Flame Stone, and Pepper Mint Glass Bottle remains unchanged.

      [Added new vision transcendence books]
      Added new vision transcendence books which can be used for all classes and the character.

      [Improved Class Vision Transcendence book]
      Improved or added existing vision transcendence books for some classes.

      [New Rare Transcendence Skill]
      Added new rare transcendence skill 

      2. Support for mid and low-level growth and improved some convenience features.

      [Added Boost Growth Support Equipment (Association Equipment)]
      - Added equipment that can be purchased with Adventure Coin from 'NPC Coin Shop Oberon' 
      (Total 42 weapons, 7 support weapons, 19 defense equipment)
      - There are no required levels for the New Boost Growth Support Equipment

      [Improved NPC Boost Growth Support Equipment Conversation]
      - Weapons are now sorted by class and can be checked through.  
      - Defense Equipment is now sorted by each part and can be checked through.  
      - Support Weapons are the same as before.
      [Guide Icon Display]
      Guide Icon that is located under the minimap is now can be checked even when you are level 1.
      [Decreased Death Penalty Treatment Cost]
      - The death penalty treatment cost from level 1 to level 1000 has been reduced.
      - After level 1000, the death penalty treatment cost increase.
      - After level 1200, the death penalty treatment cost remains the same as before.

      [Increased the Item Stack]
      - Increased Item stack for the design book, transcendence book, and anvil (Max 50)

      3. Changed Modeling of NPC
       - Changed the modeling of NPC ‘Distingushier Tiren’ and NPC ‘Coin Shop Oberon’

      4. Improved the drop and the display of DX, ULT grade prefixed items
      - Items with the DX and Ult grade prefixes will drop

      [Ult Grade Prefix] (New)
      - ULT grade prefix is only available 1 per equipment 
      (Cannot have more than 1 ULT prefix for the equipment)
      - Ult grade prefixes can be moved to other equipment by using ‘Brilliant Bottomless Box’
      - An item with an Ult grade prefix cannot be used in the 'bottomless box' and 'Red bottomless box'
      ※ You cannot use 'Magic Book of Magic Amplification', or 'Magic Book of Reconstruction' for the Ult grade prefix


      [New Ult Prefix Effect]
      - Newly obtainable ULT prefixes have the following effects.

      - Among the new Ult prefix [Reinforced XX ~] Prefix has the option to increase the [Stat Increase] of the equipment by an additional %.

      [Ex, Prefix stats increase value of 1,500 Level Character] 

      [Added effect when prefix drops] 
      - When a non-unique grade item is dropped, the effect is applied if the item has Dx or Ult or grade prefix
      - The unique effect will be applied to Dx/Ult grade prefix.
      - If the dropped ring has 2 or more stats/level prefixes, Dx unique effect will be displayed.
      [Improved Prefix Grade Display]
      - Changed the color and the notation according to the each prefix grade.

      [Brilliant Bottomless Box]

      [How to obtain]
      - After you have completed the quest [The Red Stones to the Red Demon], [For a New World] it will be added to the reward list that you can receive.
      - It can be obtained through NPC "Bhail in Rusfel's Castle field
      - It is available at a -100 virtue and vice rate by paying 2 billion gold or 20 gold bar.
      ※ After you obtained it, the virtue and vice rate will be reset to 0
      [Brilliant Bottomless Box Guide]
      - When you try to mix it, select one of the prefixes that you want to synthesize.
      - The prefix that you have selected will mix with other equipment, the remaining two prefixes retain the prefixes on the remaining equipment side.
      ※ can also be used for the non-Ult grade prefix equipment
      ※ There is also a chance that the equipment will be completely destroyed. 

      5. Improved Land of Chaos

      [Land of Chaos Information]

      [Added new material for Land of Chaos (Exclusive)]

      - Added the new material "Brilliant Confusion Fragments' which can only be obtained from the Land of Chaos dungeon Intermediate-grade (11 level) or higher
      - 'Brilliant Confusion Fragments' can be obtained when you clear all the Land of chaos waves and by an opening reward treasure chest. 
      ※ Higher the grade, the more 'Brilliant Confusion Fragments' can be obtained.
      - The weekly entrance limit that you can obtain 'Brilliant Confusion Fragments' is 14 times a week (reset every 00:00 on Wednesday)
      - When you enter the Land of Chaos dungeon, the number of entries is deducted by one and if you used all the entries, the 'Brilliant Confusion Fragment' will no longer be obtainable
      - You can check your remaining entries limit on the Land of Chaos Intermediate-grade or higher stage information UI
      ※ Please remember that you won't be able to obtain 'Brilliant Confusion Fragments' if you entered the dungeon as a party. 

      [Ring Attributes Readjustment System]
      - Readjustment requires 200 'Brilliant Confusion Fragments' and '2 Gold Bar' 
      - You can adjust the selected prefix of your ring to another prefix within the same type, depending on the probability.
      ※ Ex) getting stronger, become smart, become fast Ring can be readjusted to getting stronger, getting stronger, become fast ring.
      - Only 1 prefix per ring can be readjusted.
      - A readjusted prefix will have the text '(readjustment possible)' added to the ring's tooltip next to the prefix.
      - Readjustment is only allowed 5 times for each ring. The remaining number of readjustments can be checked through the ring's tooltip.
      -Other than [List of Readjustment Prefixes] you cannot readjust other prefixes that are not on the list. 
      When readjusting, there is a chance that the previously attached prefix reappear.
      -When you remove the readjusted prefix, you can readjust another prefix.
      ※ Even if you remove a readjusted prefix, the number of readjustments does not reset.
      -If you use the Magic book of confusion on the readjusted ring, the readjusted prefix record will disappear, and the number of remaining readjustments will be reset. 

      [List of Readjustment Prefixes] 

      [Added Confusion Shop and Higher Red Light Engraving Book]

      1) Confusion Shop
      - You can purchase confusion rings and Red Light Engraving Book from 'NPC Nike'
      - To purchase Red Light Engraving Book, you need 20 pieces of 'Brilliant Confusion Fragments
      - Red Light Engraving Book used to engrave confusion rings.
      - To purchase the confusion ring, you need 500 pieces of 'Brilliant Confusion Fragments

      2) Added Red Light Engraving Book DX
      It can be obtained with a certain probability by clearing the wave and opening the treasure chest from the Intermediate or higher level of the Land of Chaos.
      -When entering as a party, the drop rate is applied only to the party leader.

      6. Improved Treasure Map System
      [Improved Contents]
      - The contents of the treasure Map system that can be obtained only through the party now changed and the individual (solo player) can also participate in this content.
      - The treasure chest will appear right on top of the character's location.
      - The treasure chest will disappear after 15 minutes from an initial drop if it remains unopened.
      - The chances of a treasure chest drop rise as you eliminate more and more monsters.
      - When you hunt the 200 monsters that are +100 or higher than the current level as solo, you will gain 1 -stack, and the checking cycle will be reduced by 1 minute.
      (1 stack: Treasure Chest drop rate +30%, Check Cycle reduced by 1 minute)

      ※ When playing as a party, a party member that is +100 or -100 than the party leader's current level will not give any effect on the treasure chest drop rate.
      ※ For the parties, it applies the same as an individual

      [Added automatic text input prevention system when opening the treasure chest] 

      -When the treasure chest is opened, an automatic input prevention text will be displayed
      -Even when you entered the wrong text, the treasure chest does not disappear.
      -You can re-enter until 15 minutes before the treasure chest disappears.

      [Improved Treasure Chest Reward]
      - Added a reward list that can be obtained when an individual opens a treasure chest.
      EXP Buff has been reduced from 5 Level -> 3 Level
      - When the treasure chest is opened, the 'Greedy Rabbitoh' that gives a large amount of exp upon hunting will appear with a certain chance.
      - The treasure chest buff that you obtained when you were playing as a solo will remain even when you form a party.

      [Treasure Chest rewards for a party]

      [Treasure Chest rewards for an Individual]

      ※ When you open the treasure chest, you will get one of the buffs on the list according to the % that is listed. To get a level 4, 5 buff that is marked with + it only applies when you maintain the same type of buff.

      Ex 1) when you are possessing Gold Drop Increase buff level 1, and you obtain Gold Drop Increase buff level 2 by opening the treasure chest, the buff will be Level 3 Gold Drop Increase buff

      Ex 2) when you are possessing Special Item Acquisition buff level 2, and you obtain Special Item Acquisition buff level 1 by opening the treasure chest, the buff will be Level 3 Special Item Acquisition buff.

      Ex 3) When you are possessing Monster Regen Speed Increase buff level 2, and you obtain  Monster Regen Speed Increase buff level 3 by opening the treasure chest, the buff will be Level 5 Monster Regen Speed Increase buff. 

      [New Treasure Chest Reward ‘Greedy Rabbitoh’]
      - When you open a treasure chest, there is a 15% chance that a 'Greedy Rabbitoh' will appear.

      - To get a reward, you need to hunt Greedy Rabbitoh within 1 minute after appearing, if you do not hunt Greedy Rabitoh within that time, you won't receive any reward. 
      - You will gain a large amount of exp by hunting Greedy Rabbitoh.
      - The exp gained by hunting the Greedy Rabbitoh will not be affected by any of the exp increase buffs.
      - Only the player who summons a Greedy Rabbtoh can inflict damage, the other players cannot inflict any damage.
      - Greedy Rabbitoh sometime uses counter-attack skills to inflict damage in proportion to the attacker's maximum hp.

      - Regardless of the party and the individual status, only the player who opened the treasure chest can obtain exp rewards. 

      ※ The aim of the 'Greedy Rabbitoh' is to ease the leveling for the 1 ~ 1299 level.  
      ※ After 1,300 Level, you will obtain +5% each for the following buffs: Gold Drop Increase, Monster Regen Speed increase, and Special Item Acquisition Buff instead of EXP . 

      7. Inventory Expansion

      - Expanded inventory from 3 inventory tab -> 4 inventory tab
      Before: 126 spaces, After 168 spaces
      - Ways to open inventory spaces worked the same as the previous method, for instance: Magic bag item, porter title.

      8. Improved Minimap Size.
      - From the final size of the minimap, it has been expanded and make it bigger.

      Please be advised, thank you.

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online.