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      [Update Preview] Captain Awakening Update Preview

      Hello Adventurer! 

      We are glad that we can present information regarding the Captain Awakening update. 

      ※ Please understand that updated contents can be changed or adjusted during the test and development. 
      ※ Detail description of the updated contents will be posted later on the updated date.

      1. Captain Awakening

      We all know everyone is waiting for the captain's awakening. We want to take this opportunity to present new information on the captain's awakening. 

      There are three awakenings for the captain, 'Breeze Captain,' 'Wave Captain,' and 'Pursuit Captain.' Breeze Captain focuses on increasing chain attack-type skills and the number of hits. Wave Captain mainly reinforces her magic attack skills with the [Anchor], [Enhance Anchor] mark, which inflicts additional damage. Pursuit Captain, on the other hand, applies hit range to the previous physical damage single target skill, making hunting easier.

      As such, each of the three awakenings has its unique characteristics. Utilizing these various active, passive skills and claim the best captain on the global server.

      2. Added New ULT Grade Prefix and Prefix Improvement 

      To explain briefly about the ULT grade prefix, it has a powerful effect, and the effect would be a little bit different from the previous + stats/level prefix.

      - ULT Prefix Effect
      EX) 50% increase in the stats corresponding to the sum of the other prefix stats.

      The ULT grade prefix is more effective when combined with the will prefix. We expect this new ULT grade prefix to encourage adventurers to play the game. In addition to that, we also put some changes to the prefix display system. The new ULT, DX and existing prefixes are now attached to the drop items. With a change, the item drop color has also been adjusted to match the grade of the prefix so that it can be identified more easily.

      With adding an ULT grade prefix, we also implemented 'Brilliant Bottomless Box.' It is similar to other bottomless boxes and allows mixing ULT grade prefixes, while others can't. Adventurers can obtain these Brilliant Bottomless Boxes through the main quest repeatable reward.

      3. New Rare Transcendence skill and Previous Vision Transcendence skill Improvement 

      Improvements have been made to increase the usability of the class Vision Transcendence Book. Also, we added new vision transcendence books for alchemists, captains and new rare transcendence books for every class. The new rare transcendence book has various effects, and it would help adventures to sets a unique combination of transcendence skills.

      4. Land of Chaos Improvement

      As an improvement on the land of chaos, we have added the brilliant chaos fragments that can be obtained from Land of Chaos Dungeon level 11 or higher. In addition, we have also added a ring prefix readjustment system that utilizes the new fragments. The new prefix readjustment system randomly readjusts the desired prefix among the prefixes of the ring you have. 

      Ring Readjustment System Example
       ※ Ex) getting stronger, become smart, become fast ring can be readjusted to getting stronger, getting stronger, become fast ring.

      We also prepared confusion shops for adventurers struggling to get the Confusion Rings and Red Light Engraving Book.

      5. Balance Patch

      We have readjusted and improved convenience features for some skills. The class that will be changed for skill readjustment, system change, and tooltips are Arachnoqueen, Fervent Wolf-Berserker, Chi Master, Spirit Implicationer, and Majestic Stewardess. The primary purpose of this balance patch is to adjust the skills that are too strong or have poor convenience and show relatively weak performance compared to other classes. 

      6. Treasure chest system improvement and new rewards added

      The treasure chest buff system, which is only available when using the party system, has been improved so that individuals can also participate. The exp and the gold drop increase buff has been simplified from level 5 to level 3, also, whenever the treasure chest is opened, you can now obtain exp buff, so it would help you to receive exp buff faster. We expect this would boost leveling of the global adventurer.

      For the new treasure chest reward, we have added 'Greedy Rabbitoh' to support low-mid-level adventurers. 'Greedy Rabbitoh' is a unique monster that appears only within 1~ 1299 levels. When the 'Greedy Rabbitoh' is hunted, adventurers will receive a large amount of exp. After the 'Greedy Rabbitoh' appears, if you don't hunt it within a certain amount of time, you won't get an experience reward, so remember to hunt!


      7. Support for the low-mid level player.

      We have improved overall convenience for new/returning users. As the most significant improvement, new association equipment items were improved in every aspect regarding stats, performance, and convenience. Most important of all, the new association equipment does not require a level. With these changes, players can now play with this equipment without any issues. For the adventurers who prefer previous association equipment, we have retained those items so that you can still access the old version of association equipment. 

      For comfort gameplay, we have also reduced the death penalty treatment cost for a low-mid adventurer to reduce the burdens of the death penalty.

      8. Other Improvements
      In addition to the above, there are other things to increase convenience for adventurers, such as minimap size expansion, 4th inventory slot, and maximum item stack increase for the design book, transcendence book, and anvil.

      We hope you are satisfied with our captain awakening update. We are always trying our best to improve our service.

      Thank you
      Best Regards
      Red Stone Team