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      [Maintenance, Complete] Server Maintenance (Sep 20)

      Hello, Adventurers!

      Server maintenance will be held during the following time.
      The maintenance will last for 2 hours 30 min.
      Please note that the server maintenance schedule has changed due to the billing server maintenance.

      - (Game) 2022/09/20 16:30 ~ 2022/09/20 19:00 (in-game time, UTC-8)
      - (Web) 2022/09/20 16:30 ~ 2022/09/20 19:00 (in-game time, UTC-8)

      - Billing Server Maintenance

      ※ Due to the maintenance schedule has changed. The following limited items will be removed from the point store after maintenance. 

      - Intense Another World's Manifestation Box
      - Shining Another World's Manifestation Box
      - Return of the Legend Box
      - Festival Costume Package

      ※ Don't forget to purchase those items if you were planning to buy one.

      You will not be able to access Red Stone Online during the maintenance.
      Please be advised, Thank you.

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online