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      [Patchnote] September Update Major Patchnotes
      Hello Adventurers! 

      Here are the detailed information on our September update!

      1. New Episode Quest Added
      - The New Episode Quest is the [Colliding Two Stars Part 2]. 
      - Requirements for this quest: 1050 Level or Higher / Complete the quest
      The New Episode Quest starts from 'Longtail Recreation Facility' NPC 'Miller' 
      ※ Episode Quest will be processed sequentially, and can't be canceled during the progress

      2. New Hunting Field

      3. New Sub Quest Added 
       - New sub-quests can be played with characters of ‘Level 1100 or higher’.
       - Player can receive all new sub quests from the ‘Forest of Life Outskirts’ NPC ‘Themis’
       - All new sub-quests will be opened sequentially

      ※ These quests are normal quests, you are allowed to cancel the quest at any time you want

      Please be advised, thank you.

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online.