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      [Patchnote] Captain Other Updates
      Hello, Adventurers!

      Here are the detailed information for general captain updates information

      [Captain Weapon List]

      [Captain Unique Weapon List]

      [Captain DX Unique Weapon List]

      [Captain 800DX Unique Weapon List]

      [Captain 1100DX Unique Weapon List]

      [Captain ULT Unique Weapon List]

      [Captain PVP Specialized DX Weapon] 

      [Captain PVP Specialized Ult Weapon]

      [Captain Specialized Armor List]

      [Captain Unique Specialized Armor List]

      [Captain DX Unique Specialized Armor List]

      [Captain ULT Unique Specialized Armor List] 

      [Captain Support Weapon List]

      [Captain DX Unique Support Weapon List]

      [Captain Set Equipment]

      5. Captain Skill Master Title

      - You can receive the Captain Title quest from the Port City Strasserad 'NPC Rayjack'
      - Requirements to receive the quest are the same as the existing previous skill master quest which requires Level 50 or higher and mastered one of the Captain skill.

      6. New Prefix for Captain

      7. Captain Costume