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      [Patchnote] August Major Update Patchnote
      Hello, Adventurers!

      Here are the details for our Major August Update
      Also here are the links for the other updates that you can look at

      1. Maximum Level Expansion
      - Character’s maximum level expanded from 1500 to 2000.

      2. New Hunting Field Added 
      - 3 New Hunting Field added 

      3. Existing Hunting Field Improvement 
      - Improved Monster regeneration time and Item drop [Lonely Island]
      - Improved Item drop rate [Yatikanu Moonlit Forest/ Sunrise Forest/ Starfall Forest].

      4. Changed NPC Modeling
      - Changed NPC [Solabi] [Lunabi] modeling

      5. Elite Suppression content added 

      [How to play Elite Suppression?]

      - Requirement for Elite Suppression: 5 Rebirth / 1250 Level or Higher / Yatikanu Camp level 3 
      - Be ready with the entry ticket that is listed below. Move to the Gallerion Campsite and talk to the NPC 'Fairy Stone Appraiser' [26,156], then you will be able to proceed with the Elite Suppression. 
      - The player can receive a prerequisite quest of Elite Suppression [Naissance] from the 'NPC Haze’

      ※ Prerequisite quest can only be proceed with the character 5 Rebirth / 1250 Level or Higher/ Completed the quest 'cut the stems'

      ※ It is Normal Quest, and can be canceled anytime

      [Requirement for Enter]
      - It can be played as a solo or as a party to challenge it, but when the players are playing as a party, all the party members must be on the same field.
      - Players are allowed to enter Elite Suppression once a week, the same as the existing raid. 
      - The entries limit resets every Monday 00:00 
      - The player will not be able to enter if the player does not have tickets that match the difficulty level. 
      - All the party members must have tickets matches with the difficulty level.

      ※ Tickets are used once the player succeed to clear the Elite Suppression.

      1) Elite Suppression Stage

      ※ Abyss, Nightmare difficulty will be updated later on

      2) Creating a Ticket

      - A ticket is required to enter the Elite Suppression.
      - You can combine tickets from lower difficulty levels to create tickets of higher difficulty levels.
      (Once you create tickets, you can't reverse to the lower difficulty ticket)

      ※ By clicking the right button on your inventory, you can combine items to create a higher difficulty ticket
      ※ Items that you combined will be used to exchange with higher difficulty tickets from 'NPC Fairy Stone Distinguisher"
      ※ 'Radiant Fairy Wing' item can be combined later when the 'Abyss' 'Nightmare' difficulty are added

      [Elite Suppression Reward]

      - When you clear the Elite Suppression you can receive [Elite Suppression War Trophy Box] and 
      [Core Reward]
      - Core Reward is one of the [1000 ULT, 775 ULT, 1100 UDX] items, and can be obtained with a certain chance.
      - The number of Core Rewards increases as the difficulty of Elite Suppression rises
      - You can receive EXP as a reward by clearing Elite Suppression, EXP would differ based on the difficulty of Elite Suppression
      - You can also receive the 5th Breaking the limit quest item [Split Evil Idea]

      [Elite Suppression War Trophy Box Item List] 

      ※ you can obtain one of the rewards from the list with a certain chance

      [Sub Reward, Tabiakut's Fragment Description]

      - Tabiakut's Fragment that you gained from Elite Suppression can be exchanged. You can find the Exchange Store from 'NPC Fairy Stone Distinguisher' located at the Gallerion Camp Field [30, 159]

      ※ You can check the details on the Fancy/Radiant Set Attribute Amulet Box under the 'New Enchant, Set Prefix Added ' section.
      ※ Fancy/Radiant Set Attribute Amulet Box can be purchased once a month per character, and the purchase limit resets on the
      1st of every month


      - Fairy Wing Fragments can be obtained when you opened new Red Energy that only appears in Yatikanu field. 
      - The number of times that character can be resurrected in Elite Suppression is limited to 8 times.

      ※ If one of the party members die 8 times, the rest of the party members can no longer be revived 

      ※ Skill Resurrection, Animate Partner only available once per character, but resurrected by the skills does not affect the resurrection count

      6. New Enchant, Set Prefix Added
      It is a New Prefix and activates its effect when you form as a set 
      [Set Prefix Guide]

      - The set effect only activates depending on the number of the prefix, the quantity required to achieve each set is specified according to the tier of the option.
      - There is no limitation on the number of set prefixes that can be activated
      - Set Prefix works the same as the existing prefix system, it can be applied through enchant scroll.

      [Set Prefix Option] 

      ※ Regeneration Set Prefix effect only applied 1/10 in the PVP 


       [Process of Acquisition, ways to get each Set attribute Amulet box]

      ※ You can only obtain high-grade amulets of [Fancy Set Attribute Amulet Box] from the [Radiant Set Attribute Amulet Box] 
      ※ You can only obtain Normal-grade amulets of [Fancy Set Attribute Amulet Box] Attribute Amulet Box from the 
      [Set Attribute Amulet Box]
      ※ You can only obtain one of the items from the following list with a certain chance

      - When you have both a higher set and a Lower set of the amulet, only the higher set effect will be applied
      - The effect of activating the option does not stack for each item
      - You can enchant a set attribute amulet to every part of the item, but enchanting the
       same item is limited to only 1 
      - Set effect activation is based on the gears that are equipped
      ※Gears placed on your inventory will not be affected.

      5. Improved Ether Machina
      - Dimension Hub clear reward, Ether Machina EXP amplification improved from 3000% Maximum up to 9000% 
      - Lower the level, the higher the multiplier for its effect 
      6. Improved Nephon Creature function and Adventure
      - You can unlock it by right-clicking the Nephon Creature icon, once it is locked, it cannot be sent, combine, or reinforced. 
      - Some of the Nephon Creature Adventure rewards has been changed 



      7. Black Market Dealer appeared in the Yatikanu Breeze / Nightshadow/ Dawn Forest Field
       ※ Black Market Dealer is the same system that is already exists on the Yatikanu Moonlit / Sunrise / Starfall Forest field

      Please be advised, thank you.
      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online.