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      [Event]Blooming Update Event
      Hello, Adventurers!
      Here are the detailed information for our Blooming Event!

      1. Bingo Event with Delan&Darlene

      2022/05/11 After Maintenance ~ 2022/06/15 Before Maintenance


      - You can participate Delan&Darlene Bingo Event during the event period by clicking Bingo event UI located right next to the minimap.
      - If you log in to the game during the event period, you will receive 3 random missions.
      - Random missions reset every day at 00:00 (in-game-time). Previously progressed missions will not be saved.
      - If you clear the mission, you will gain 1 Bingo Lottery Chance to fill out the Bingo Board. Lottery Chance can be recharged by using the 'Bingo Token' item.  
      - The number of ‘Bingo Draw is not reset and is accumulated even after the date has passed.
      - When the bingo board is filled by clicking the ‘Bingo Draw’ button, you can receive the rewards assigned to that space.
      - If you fill out all the spaces on the bingo board, you can gain a completion reward per each Bingo Board.

      [Random Mission]

      [Reward of Each Bingo Board Space]

      [Bingo Reward (1 line)]

      [Elegant Blooming Gift Box]

      [Bingo Board Completion Reward (Each Bingo Board)]

      You can participate in this event per account. 
      Progress will be shared between characters in your account. 

      2. Gold Gem Coin Event 

      2022/05/11 After Maintenance ~ 2022/06/15 Before Maintenance 


      -During the event period, Red Stone Energy will appear more frequently
      -During the event period, 'Gold Gem Coin' drops at a 100% chance 
      -'Gold Gem Coin' item can be traded for various items from Agent Darlene (78,122) in High Brunenstig.
      -There is a purchase limit for event shop items and the restriction applies per account.

      [Event Shop Item]

      3. Darlene's Everyday Present Event

      2022/05/11 After Maintenance ~ 2022/06/15 Before Maintenance
      -During the event period, you can participate in the event from Agent Darlene (78, 122) in High Brunenstig.
      -During the event period, there is a low probability of obtaining ‘Sweet Coin Chocolate’ when you hunt monsters with your character level -100 or higher.
      -If you collect 18 'Sweet Coin Chocolate' you can exchange it with the 'Elegant Blooming Gift Box’ and 3 'Bingo Token'

      Exchange can be made only once per day (per account). The number of exchanges will be shared between characters in your account.

      4. Attendance Check Event

      2022/05/11 After Maintenance ~ 2022/06/15 Before Maintenance
       - Attendance Check Event will be available for 28 days during the Event Period.

      Please be advised, thank you.

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online.