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      [Notice] Steam Log-in Guide, Password Reset and others
      Hello Adventurers!

      We have been receiving many 1:1 inquiries related to the log-in issue. Many new, old players seem to struggle, especially when the player was using their Steam account to log in.

      So we would like to post a guide about the Steam account registration, and log-in process. If you are playing from Steam, please follow these steps.

      1. Steam Version Registration Process

      1) Launch Red Stone online through Steam.

      2) Click 'Register Account' (Please be aware that the registration process must be done in Steam Client)

      3) Follow the verification and registration process (not on our official homepage, in the Steam client)

      4) Type the account and password that you have created.

      2. If you don’t see the verification and registration page through Steam, then follow this process.

      1) From your Steam window (Shift + Tab), Click ‘Steam’ on the top-left hand side corner. 

      2) Click 'Settings', and then go to 'In-Game' Tab. 

      3) Check 'Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game’ is enabled.

      2. Account Restoration, Password Reset 
      (If you wish to find a lost or forgotten password, you can find one by resetting your password. It applies to all Steam, L&K client users.)

      1) Visit our official Red Stone online homepage

      2) Click ‘Find PW’

      3) Type your registered Email address (Email account) that you use to log in to the game and our official homepage. After that, choose the birthday or nickname of your account. If you are a Steam user, be sure to check 'STEAM MEMBER' before you type the information.

      4) Click ‘get a temporary password and follow the process.

      5) Log in with your temporary password-> click ‘my page’ -> proceed with your 'change password' process. If the link in the email doesn't work, try to do it manually.

      3. Things to keep in mind

       L&K and Steam version of Red Stone are not compatible. They do not share account information. (ie. You cannot log into Steam version of Red Stone with L&K account, and vice versa.)

       All registration process for a Steam user must be done in the steam client. If you are planning to use Steam to play the game, do not register manually by visiting our website.

       Please remember that we do not disclose or alter any personal information collected from customers as stated in our Privacy Policy. As information regarding your web/game account security detail is included in personal information, we do not provide account transfer, password reset, or temporary password directly without following standard procedure. 

      ※ Even if you send a screenshot through a 1 vs1 inquiry and try to prove that you are an owner account, we can't provide any account information. If you can't remember the nickname and birthday of your account, please understand that we can't help you with recovering the account and password.

      Thank you.

      Best Regards,
      Red Stone Online