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      [Patchnote]January Update

      Hello Adventurers!

      Here are the detailed preview for our Boss Elimination Improvements in 2021 November Update.

      1. New PvP Field Added

      - New PvP Field ‘Abandoned Catacomb B2 Malice Ring’, ‘Abandoned Catacomb B3 Malice Ring’ are added.
      [(925~930) Abandoned Catacomb B2 Malice Ring]

      - Entry Level Limit: 1~950
      - Monster Level: 925~930
      - Can be entered from 3 portals in Abandoned Catacomb B2 field
        (Coordinates 223,17 / 133,121/ 11,231)
      [(970~975) Abandoned Catacomb B3 Malice Ring]

      - Entry Level Limit: 1~999
      - Monster Level: 970~975
      - Can be entered from 3 portals in Abandoned Catacomb B3 field
        (Coordinates 3,239 / 244,242/ 244,5)
      - There is a ‘Safety Zone’ at PVP Field entrance, and players cannot attack each other in the zone.
      - You can teleport to Safety Zone through Guide System.
      - Players can check PvP Field conditions and details from ‘Safety Zone’ Object and NPC.
      - You cannot check the opponent Health Bar, Nickname and Guild Mark when entering PVP Field.
      - You cannot see other players’ Costumes when entering PVP Field
      - After entering PVP FField, skills are applied as PVP skill when used against a player, and PvE skill against a monster.
      - All buffs are removend when entering PVP Field.
      (Except EXP, Item Drop Rate, Unique Item Drop Rage, DX Unique Item Drop Rate from Guild Buffs)
      - You can receive “Power of Sphere” buff within PVP Field.
      - You will be teleported to a random location within the PvP Field when you enter.
      - You can move to Safety Zone by clicking certain objects in PVP Field .

        (Move to Safety Zone when clicking on the object above)

      - Ice Pillar object cannot be activated when in combat.
      - Players can hunt monsters located within the PVP Field, and higher rank monsters appear as you move towards the center.
      - You are removed from party if you enter PVP Field while forming a party with other characters.
      - In PVP Field you can use Adventurer Board and Emotes, but cannot use chat.
      - You cannot ride carpet in PVP Field and Safety Zone.
      - If you die in PVP Field, you are moved back to town and death penalty is not applied.
      - You cannot use mini-pet resurrection skill or resurrection items in PVP Field if you die.
      - You cannot save location or enter PVP Field with Sphere type items, Call Ring, and Couple Ring.
      - You cannot use teleport (moving location) such as Feather of Wind in PVP Field.
      - If you level up in PVP Field and go over the entry level limit, you will be moved to town when you reconnect to the game.
      - Fallen Angel skill Town Portal, Transportation, Evacuation cannot be used in PVP Field.
      2. New Sub Quest Added

      - 5 new Sub Quest are added for 950 level and above.
      - [Which Exists in a Forgotten Place] is a chain quest and after clearing it, you can begin [Forgotten Vengeful Spirit], [Soul Comforting Scent] quest respectively.
      [Quest NPC Location]

      3. New Episode Quest ‘Eternity's Whereabouts’ Added

      - New Episode Quest continuing with [Something called the Elixir of Immortality] storyline will be added.
      - You can obtain 2 new emotes after completing the new Episode Quest.
      - Quest can be started from NPC ‘Assoc. Agent’ in ‘Port City Strasserad’ (76,39).

      4. New Nephon Creatures Added

      - 8 new Nephon Creatures will be added.




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