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      [RS Pass Season 1 Information]
      Hello, Adventurers!

      Here are the detailed information for our new RS Pass Season 1!

      [RS Pass Season 1]

      2021/12/15 After Maintenance ~ 2022/02/16 Before Maintenance

      1. Details

      - RS Pass Seaaon 1 is a system where you can gain RS Pass Experience by participating in certain contents and claim rewards as you increase your RS Pass ranks.
      - RS Pass Season 1 can be viewed on the left side of the in-game mini-map.
      - Only characters above 100 level can participate in RS Pass.
      - RS Pass Season 1 concludes at the end of the Season 1 duration.
      - If you did not collect RS Pass Rewards during the Season, all uncollected rewards will be lost.
      - RS Pass Rewards can only be claimed by 1 character per account.

      2. How to obtain RS Pass Experience Points

       - You can obtain RS Pass Experience points by participating in the contents listed below.
       - You can obtain up to 90 RS Pass Experience Points per day.

      3. RS Pass Season 1 – Premium Upgrade and Rewards

      - You can collect RS Pass Reward according to the RS Pass Rank you increased by gaining RS Pass Experience.
      - You can also collect [RS Pass Premium Reward] on top of normal RS Pass Reward for each RS Pass rank if you purchase [RS Pass Upgrade Ticket].
      - You can purchase RS Pass Upgrade Ticket ONCE per accout.
      - RS Pass Rewards can only be claimed once per account.

      - Purchasing RS Pass Upgrade Ticket does not increase your RS Pass Rank over 50.
      (ie. If you use RS Pass Upgrade Ticket at Rank 48, you will still end up at Rank 50.)

      Rewards can be claimed by clicking on the reward directly from RS Pass menu.