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      [Patchnote]Other Updates

      Hello Adventurers!

      Here are the detailed preview for our other updates in 2021 November Update.

      1. Equipment Enhancement UI Improvement
      [Ring Reinforcement UI]
      - Grant, Enhancement, Reconstruction, and Delete UI included in ring reinforcement contents have been integrated.
      Allows using it without exiting the UI.
      [Relic Reinforcement UI]
      -  Enhancement, Grind, Open UI included in relic item reinforcement contents have been integrated.
      Allows using it without leaving the UI.
      [Relic Prefix UI]
      - Grant, Enhancement and Reconstruction UI included in the relic prefix contents have been integrated.
      Allows using it without exiting the UI.

      2. Alchemist Skill Change

      - 'Contracture Trooper: Remove Ignore's pre-emptive attack.
      - 'Promote Reform': Changed increase the potion recovery amount and regeneration speed.

      3.  Add 5 new recovery items

      - 5 new recovery items (3 health potions, 2 charging potions) are added.
      - For Convenience, Improved existing recovery item stack limit.
      (Stack limit: basic 100, upgraded 200)
      - Sales NPC: High Brunenstig (89,119) (75,157) Union General St, General Shop, Guild Hall Guild Merchant

      4.  Display probability of paid item

      - In the case of influencing the contents through paid items, such as combining or synthesizing, 
      added In-game probability notation for the corresponding contents.
      - List probability as a decimal point, the probability that is corresponding to the decimal point displayed
      up to a maximum of two decimal places and rounded up to three decimal places.
      - Due to decimal rounding, the sum of probabilities may exceed 100% or be slightly insufficient.

      5. Party System in the Secret Dungeon
      - Introduce a guide about party creation and withdrawal in the secret dungeon.
      - Table that is listed below present the default setting of the party system. 
      - Exceptions are applied depending on the number of leaving party members.


      Solo (can't create party)
      -  If there is only one person, you cannot create a party or leave the party.

      Party of two
      - If one person leaves from a party of two, secret dungeon ends with an end message.
      - If one person withdrawal from the party of two without entering the secret dungeon, secret dungeon ends.

      Party of 3 or more
      - Only the character who has withdrawn from the secret dungeon leaves the secret dungeon, 
      and the rest of the party members proceed with the secret dungeon.

      In the case of disconnection from the party of 2 or more

      - If the client is shut down for some reason without going through the withdrawal procedure 
      and the secret dungeon remains, you can log in again and proceed normally.

      A secret dungeon that can be used by one person or a party

      - In the case of a secret dungeon with only one person and a party (main quest secret dungeon), 
      the secret dungeon will not be dismantled even if there is only one person left after leaving the party

      Example) if two players leave the group from the party of three, the remaining one can 
      proceed secret dungeon normally.

      6.  Changed 'Strawberry Call' Appearance.

       - Changed some of 'Strawberry Call Carpet' appearance.

      Please note some of the tables may look broken or extending out to side in PC and Mobile webpage.
      We are looking for ways to solve the problem, and ask for your kind understanding.
      Thank you.