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      [Patchnote]Boss Elimination Improvements

      Hello Adventurers!

      Here are the detailed preview for our Boss Elimination Improvements in 2021 November Update.

      1. Boss Elimination Improvements

      - A new boss elimination will become available for 800 level characters to enter
      - Elimination Difficulty will be changed so players can enjoy the elimination according to their character level.

      1) Elimination NPC

      - A new NPC will be added to [High Brunenstig Adventurer Association Bar] at 31,64 for Elimination entry
      - Surag-Despair Difficult will be available for entry from [Hell’s Crossing] field, Gerio-Nightmare Difficulty from [Land of Holy Beast] field as it was before

      2) Entry Rules

      - Players can enter Elimination freely once per day.
      - All Elimination will be available from level 800 and above.
      - You can obtain Elimination Reward Box and Elimination Badge ingredients for each boss elimination 
      if you clear the first entry for the day
      - Badge ingredient items are not included in 800 level elimination rewards.
      - You need Suppression Permit to enter elimination again after using free entry for the day.
      - Suppression Permit can be used to enter all types of elimination.
      - You can get Suppression Permit when opening Red Stone Energy, up to 100 per week.
      - You can exchange 10 Suppression Permit to a tradable Suppression Permit from the Elimination NPC 
      in [High Brunenstig Adventurer Association Bar].
      - When entering Elimination as a party, all party members must have Suppression Permit or daily free entry 

      3) Dropped Rewards

      - 1 Unique item, 2 (Normal, DX, Ultimate) Quality items with prefix attached, extra Unique drop is available.
      - If Unique item drops, Core rewards can drop at a certain probability according to each elimination boss.
      - For additional Unique item drops, all Unique items can drop.
      - Elimination boss drops all types of equipment items.
      - All Unique items have equal chances to drop and NX Unique does not drop.

      4) Reward Box

      - Reward Box contains items you could gain from Boss Elimination originally.
      - You can get the reward box only from daily free entry.
      - You cannot get a reward box from Surag-Despair, Gerio-Nightmare difficulty as they have their own 
      unique rewards.

      5) Guide System regarding Boss Elimination

      - You can teleport to Elimination NPCs from Guide System.

      6) Crafting and Upgrading Badges

      - Number of ingredients required to craft Elimination Badge changed.

      - Number of ingredients required to upgrade Elimination Bage changed.

      7) Elimination Badge Shop

      - Elimination Badge Shop sells War Trophy Box during November 18th ~ November 25th (7 days only).
      - Elimination Badge Shop can be found at Adventurer Association Bar Elimination Knight Leader NPC.
      - War Trophy Box can be purchased with Badge ingredients

      - Suppression Permit has been added to Elimination Badge Store for purchase.

      8) Suppression Permit

      - You can check how many Suppression Permit you collected in the week from the tooltip.

      9) Elimination Mission Changes

      Please note some of the tables may look broken or extending out to side in PC and Mobile webpage.
      We are looking for ways to solve the problem, and ask for your kind understanding.

      Thank you.