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      [Event]Halloween Event
      Hello, Adventurers!
      Here are the detailed information for our Halloween Event!

      1. Halloween Candy Event

      2021/10/21 After Maintenance ~ 2021/11/24 Before Maintenance

      1) Event Description
      - During event period, “Halloween Candy” item drops opening Red Stone Energy.

      ※ In our previous version of notice, we notified that Halloween Candy could be obtained by eliminating monsters above -100 level of your character in hunting fields. We apologize for the confusion, and ask for your kind understanding.

      - Only 200 Halloween Candy can be obtained per week. (Resets every Monday at 00:00.)
      ※ The candy limit is applied by the sum of all candies obtained by all characters in the same account.
      - You can present “Halloween Candy” to NPC Agent Delan or Agent Darlene in High Brunenstig.
      - During event period, NPC Agent Delan and Agent Darlene’s outfit will be changed to Halloween outfits.

      2) Event Reward
      - The tickets received from either NPC can be exchanged with rewards from NPC Kuger in High Brunenstig.
      - The number of tradeable items will be limited by account.

      ※ Please note that there is an issue where the number of items purchased in Halloween Event Shop will not be displayed correctly, especially after relogging.

      - You can obtain 1~3 Delan/Darlene’s Tickets from “Halloween Ticket Random Box”.
      - The tickets you obtain may be a different type. (ie. Delan’s Ticket may come out even if you purchased the box with Darlene’s Tickets)

      2. Halloween Defeat Evil Spirit Event

      2021/10/21 After Maintenance ~ 2021/11/24 Before Maintenance
      1) Event Description
      - During event period, some monsters will appear with Evil Spirit attached to them.
      - Monsters with Evil Spirit will not appear from Earth of Confusion, Secret Dungeon, Boss Elimination, Raid, Trial Dungeon, Dimension Hub, Jar item, and Altar.
      - You can identify monsters with Evil Spirit by an Event Monster Mark on their name.
      - You can increase your Event Level by eliminating these monsters and event claim reward.
      2) Event Reward
      - During event period, you can see your event progress and claim reward from Event UI icon on the left of the mini-map.
      - All characters in the accout share the UI and event progress.
      - You can claim the reward with the character of your choice once.

      - Every character in the account share the Event Level
      - You can participate in the event once per account.

      3. Halloween Attendance Check

      2021/10/21 After Maintenance ~ 2021/11/24 Before Maintenance
       - Attendance Check Event will be available for 28 days during Event Period.