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      [Sales]September Limited Offer part2

      Hello, Adventurers!

      Here are the detailed information for our September Limited Offer part 2!

      1. Universal Sewing Tool [Star Revelator]
      - 2021/09/23 After Maintenance ~ 2021/10/20 Before Maintenance

      - Special Costume Synthesis can be performed with ‘Universal Sewing Tool’.
      - [Normal Special Costume] x1 and [Five-Colored Thread Ball] x100 are required as ingredients.
      - Special Costume Synthesis succeeds depending on success chance.
      - 'Universal Sewing Tool[OOO]' used in Special Costume Synthesis decides which [Hidden Special Costume] you obtain form the synthesis.
      ex) if 'Universal Sewing Tool[Star Revelator]' is used to perform Special Costume Synthesis, 'Star Revelator' Hidden Special Costume can be obtained
      - If you obtain [Hidden Special Costume] through Costume Synthesis, it retains the same Costume Class as the Normal Special Costume used in the synthesis.
      - If you fail in the Special Costume Synthesis, the Costume used becomes a [Normal Special Costume] of random appearance/color.
      - Equipped Magic Stones are retained regardless of Costume Upgrade success/failure.

      2. Colorful Dye Flask

      - Permanent addition to Point Store in ‘Special’ Category

      - 'Colorful Dye Flask' can be used to change Normal/Hidden Special Costume color and Hidden Special Costume Weapon Effect color.
      - Color displayed with color change is different for each Costume/Weapon Effect.
      - You can select which color you want from 6 different colors offered with the 'Normal/Hidden Special Costume', 'Weapon Effect'.
      - 'Hidden Special Costume', 'Weapon Effect' has a random color change option.
      - If you select random color change option mentioned above, there is a certain chance that the color changes into a ‘Hidden Color’ not included in the 6 colors normally offered.

      ※ Please note
      - If you take the items out from Shopping Cart, the items cannot be reverted back to Points.

      Please be advised, thank you.

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online.