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      [Patchnote]Other Updates

      Hello Adventurers!

      Here are the detailed preview for our 2021 May Major Update.
      We will be providing detailed information on other updates we will provide.

      Also, below are the links for other updates for you to take a look at.


      [Yatikanu Woods] 

      [Spring Grow Day Event]

      [May Special Offer]

      1. New Unique Support Weapons added
      - New Unique Support Weapons were added for new class changes and other classes who do not yet have a Support Weapon after class balance change.

      2. New Nephon Creature and Passive Effects
      - 8 new Nephon Creature are added.




      - A new Passive option [Pet & Summoned Pet Enemy Physical Critical Resistance Decrease] is added.

      We will be renewing this preview notice if there are any changes made to our patch details.
      Also, please note some of the tables may look broken or extending out to side in PC and Mobile webpage.
      We are looking for ways to solve the problem, and ask for your kind understanding.
      Thank you.

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online