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      [Patchnote]Yatikanu Woods

      Hello Adventurers!

      Here are the detailed preview for our 2021 May Major Update.
      We will be providing detailed information on the Yatikanu Woods field.

      Also, below are the links for other updates for you to take a look at.


      [Other Updates]

      [Spring Grow Day Event]

      [May Special Offer]

      1. New Field - Yatikanu Woods

      [Town Field - Galerion Camp]
      - Players can only enter the field after completing [Galerion - Yatikanu Woods Episode] quest.
      - Players can enter Galerion Camp from Expedition Teleporter in High Brunenstig after completing [Galerion - Yatikanu Woods Episode] quest.
      - Town is divided into 3 different areas and players can move into next area according to their Evolution Class.
      - Each Evolution Class adds different functions to the Town.

      - Players can purchase Engraved Defense Equipments and Engraving Materials with Ancient Forest Coins, which can be obtained from combat fields.
      - Ancient Forest Coins can be obtained by completing weekly quest from NPC Liyan (72,13), eliminating Boss monsters, clearing Fairy's Tes(Secret Dungeon)and hunting field bosses.
      - Players can purchase consumable items from Herbalist Sylvester(125,8).
      - Some consumables are restricted in how many you can purchase per day, and some consumables are durational, available for 1 day from the time of purchase.
      - Daily purchase restrictions are reset at 00:00(in-game time) every day.

      - Black Market Dealer sells 3 types of random items to 5 different people who come first.
      - The first 5 people to come can only buy 1 type of item per account.
      - Black Market Dealer appears randomly in one field(appears in one random spot of either Town field or Combat field).
      - Items that Black Market Dealer sell are reset in 4 hour intervals after server open.

      [Town Class]
      - Town functions are opened as bridges connect to next area according to the Town Class.
      - Town class can be raised by compeleting weekly quests and investing resources to increase your Contribution value.
      - When the combined Contribution value of all users reach a certain point next Town Class is unlocked.
      - Players can invest resources from Galerion Camp NPC Hydenell (70,10).
      - Resources that can be invested are ‘Flame Stone’, ‘Mysterious Stone’ ‘Crystal Stone’, ‘Resonance Stone’, ‘Complete Tantilis Relic’, and ‘Gold Bar’.
      - Resources cannot be invested anymore if Town Class is at max.
      - Players can participate in weekly quests from Galerion Camp NPC Liyan (72,13) ONCE per week.
      - Weekly quest is reset at 00:00(in-game time) every Monday.
      - Players can gain Ancient Forest Coin by clearing weekly quests.
      - Statue of Contribution Rank 1~3 are displayed in Town Area 1 when the Town Class becomes 3.
      - If players have the same amount of Contribution ranked, the one who began contributing first takes priority.
      - After Town Class reaches 3, players cannot raise Contribution values and completing weekly quests only provides completion rewards.

      [Combat Field]
      - 3 different hunting fields are included, with 1 special content for each field.

      - Players can enter Combat Field by Town teleport magic circle.
      - Entry Portal forms every 4 hours in a field with Field Boss.
      - Teleport function such as Calling or Spheres cannot be used, but move speed increase functions such as Carpets or Badges can be used.
      - PVP enables areas exist, and players can attack each other in these areas.

      [Boss Monsters]
      - These are strong monsters that appear in combat fields.
      - It takes longer time to spawn, and drops Ancient Forest Coin at a certain chance when eliminated.
      - Uses a skill that inflicts great damage nearby when it is eliminated.

      [Field Bosses]

      - Players can use Entry Portal that forms in 4 hour intervals to enter Field Boss zones, and combat the bosses.
      - Field Boss appears after 5 minues of Entry Portal being formed. Entry Portal closes after the boss appears.
      - Ancient Forest Coin drops at 100% rate, and Ancient Forest’s Protection, Ancient Forest’s Whisper drop at a certain chance.
      - Field Boss item drops can only be collected once regardless of which Field Boss type, but players can still collect elimination EXP.

      [PVP Area]
      - PVP area exists in all Yatikanu Combat Fields.
      - Players can enter PVP area by intreracting with an object.
      - All buffs are removed when you enter PvP area, and you are teleported to a random location within the PvP area, not a set spawn location.
      - PVP combat applies if you engage players, and PVE combat applies if you engage monsters.
      - Buffs used in PVP area is applied as a PVP buff.
      - Skills with cooltime applied in PVP all have cooltimes regardless of the target.

      [Secret Dungeon]
      - Players are rewarded according to the current progress when receiving Secret Dungeon rewards.
      - Secret Dungeon can only be entered alone.

      - Players cannot use Carpets in Secret Dungeons.
      - There are 3 levels in the Secret Dungeon, and only level 1 is available for now. (More levels will be relased in future)
      - Interacting with the NPC after entering the Secret Dungeon triggers a timmer, and players are rewarded according to how much time is left when they complete the Secret Dungeon.
      - In level 1, players can obtain 3 extra Ancient Forest Coins if they clear the dungeon within the time limit.

      [Engraved Defensive Equipment]
      - New Engraved Defensive Equipment items are added.
      - Total of 9 Engraved Defensive Equipment can be purchased from Galerion Camp ‘Engraver Morris (129, 7)’. (Excluding 2 Engraved Defensive Equipment)
      - Only 1 Engraved Defensive Equipment can be equipped.
      - Engraved Defensive Equipment cannot be disassembled or traded for Otherworldly Essence.
      - Attaching Prefix and Grinding/Opening cannot be performed on Engraved Defensive Equipment.
      - Engraving Ability increases according to the Engraving Level.
      - Engraved Defensive Equipment can be purchased with 140 Ancient Forest Coins.
      - The effect of Engraved Defensive Equipment at max Engraving Level is listed below.

      - Some Engraved Defensive Equipment can be obtained from Field Boss item drops.

      - Engraved Defensive Equipment can be enhanced with Engraving system.
      - Engraving Level of Engraved Defensive Equipment can be raised with Ancient Engraving Stones and Ancient Flowing Stones.
      - Ancient Engraving Stone can be purchased with Ancient Forest Coins.
      - Ancient Flowing Stone can be purchased with Mysterious Stone, Crystal Stone, Complete Tantilis Relic, Flame Stone, and Ancient Forest Coins.
      - Ancient Engraving Stone and Ancient Flowing Stone can be purchased from Galerion Camp NPC ‘Engraver Morris (129, 7)’.

      2. New Episode Quest and Sub Quests

      [Galerion - Yatikanu Woods Episode]
      - Only players who cleared this quest can enter Yatikanu Woods field.
      - Players can begin the new Episode Quest at 1250 Level or above.
      - Players can begin the quests [Expedition 'Galerion'] [Respective Roles] [Clues Leading to the Sea] [I Can't Accept It Yet!] after clearing the quest.
      - Players can obtain 1 new title and 2 new emotes after clearing the quest.

      [Sub Quest]
      - New Sub Quests can be started at 1250 Level or above.
      - Players can start the new Sub Quests after clearing [Galerion - Yatikanu Woods Episode] Episode Quests.

      We will be renewing this preview notice if there are any changes made to our patch details.
      Also, please note some of the tables may look broken or extending out to side in PC and Mobile webpage.
      We are looking for ways to solve the problem, and ask for your kind understanding.
      Thank you.

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online