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      [Patchnote]Other Updates

      Hello Adventurers!


      Here are the detailed preview for our 2021 March Major Update.
      We will be providing detailed information on the [Other Update Contents].  


      Also, below are other patchnotes and notices for our 2021 March Major Update to take a look.




      1. Dimension Hub Contents

        [Dimension Hub Basic Information]

      - Players can enter Dimension Hub dungeons from new NPC Elwood in Adventurer Association Bar.
      - Players can use Dimension Hub once per day.
      - Dimension Hub Entry Count will be reduced when completing the Dungeon Objective and receiving the rewards.
      - Dimension Hub can only be entered as solo.
      - Players cannot enter Dimension Hub if character level is below the recommended level for the dungeon.
      - Plaerys cannot receive certain rewards from the dungeons if their character is over the recommended level for the dungeon.
      - Dimension Hub Dungeons are reset if character moves into a different field while playing in Dimension Hub (eg. Character death).
      - Players cannot move outside Dimension Hub by using field move items such as Spheres or Guide System.
      - Players cannot use location related abilities such as Save Location, Calling, and Coupling.
      - Red Stone Energy do not appear within Dimension Hub.
      - Players cannot ride Carpet in Dimension Hub.
      - All monsters in Dimension Hub provide 1 EXP when hunted.
      - ‘Player Penalty’ (Resistance, Stat reduction) does not affect players in Dimension Hub.


        [Dimension Hub Dungeon Objective]

      - Each Dimension Hub dungeon has [Main Objective] and [Sub Objective].
      - Players need to complete [Main Objective] to clear the dungeon, and also obtain extra reward if they clear [Sub Objective].


        [Special Monsters in Dimension Hub]
      - Special monster randomly appears at a certain chance when entering the dungeon.
      - Additional reward will be provided after clearing the dungeon if players hunt the special monsters.
      - If special monster does not appear at the first time entering, it does not appear even if the player re-enters the dungeon.
      - Whether special monster appears will be reset and decided again at 00:00(in-game time) every day.
      - There are 2 types of special monsters, ‘Dimension Slayer’ and ‘Dimension Looter’.


        [Dimension Hub Dungeon Composition]



      - Multi-dimensional Crystal are provided only if sub mission is completed.
      - Players cannot receive EXP and Ether Machina rewards if character level is higher than the dungeon recommended level.
      - The clear EXP reward of the Dimension Hub dungeons are not affected by all Secret Dungeon Clear EXP increase items.
      - Players receive extra reward for eliminating special monsters.
      - Players receive extra EXP reward if they eliminate ‘Dimension Slayer’.
      - Players receive Multi-dimensional Crystal if they eliminate ‘Dimension Looter’.


        [Ether Machina]

      - Ether Machina is a buff effect that increases monster hunt EXP by +3000%.
      - Players can possess Ether Machina from minimum 1% ~ maximum 100%.
      - Ether Machina percengate (bonus value) decreases when players gain EXP by hunting.
      - Ether Machina decreases by 1% when players gain 1,500,000,000 by monster hunting. (100% = 150,000,000,000)
      - If EXP gained by eliminating a monster is larger than the bonus value (%), the increased EXP will be provided and bonus value turns to 0.


      ※ All EXP Increase buffs work by adding up base monster hunting EXP. (ie. Ether Machina adds +3000% to base monster hunting EXP, Portal Sphere adds +100% to base monster EXP)
      ※ EXP Increase buffs are listed, but are not limited to, Hot Time, Bell of Guide, Spheres, EXP Badges and Balloons
         (eg. If you have Portal Sphere +100%, Bell of Guide +100%, Ether Machina buff +3000%, the total EXP buff will be +3200% of base monster hunting EXP)


      We apologize for the confusion on how EXP buffs are calculated in our previous version of patchnotes.  


      [Dimension Prefix]
      - Players can purchase new Prefix Amulets from NPC Elwood.
      - Dimension Prefix have the same spec as normal prefix except the differences listed below.
        1) Dimension Prefixes have slightly less performance compared to normal prefixes.
        2) Dimension Prefixes are shown in grey color, like Association Prefixes.
        3) Dimension Prefixes cannot be reconstructed or amplified.
        4) Dimension Prefixes can be applied to all attachable prefix slots (1st, 2nd, 3rd).
        5) Dimension Prefixes can be applied even if the same prefix is applied to the item in a different slot.
        6) Prefixes attached with Dimension Prefix Enhancement is 100% successful.
        7) Dimension Prefixes can be purchased with 50 Multi-dimensional Crystals.
        8) Dimension Prefixes can be removed with [Dimension]Magic book of Destruction and normal magic book of destruction.

        [Dimension Another World Enhancement]
      - Players can proceed with Dimension Another World Enhancement from NPC Elwood.
      - Dimension Another World Enhancements have the same spec as normal Another World Enhancements except the differences listed below.
      1) Players can choose the option they want to enhance.
      2) Dimension Another World Enhancement cannot be applied along with normal Another World Enhancements.
      3) Dimension Another World Enhancement is shown in grey color.
      4) Other supplements such as Enhanced Blacksmith’s Anvil cannot be used on Dimension Another World Enhancements.
      5) Dimension Another World shows similar performance to level 1 of normal Another World Enhancement options.
      6) Players can perform Dimension Another World Enhancements with 50 Multi-dimensional Crystals.




      2. Breaking the Limit Quest Improvements

      - Questline and the number of quest items required for certain Breaking the Limit quests are improved.
        1) Fairy's Honey can be obtained more frequently in Breaking the Limit 1(Hidden Power) quest.
        2) Star-shaped Shells, Triangular Shells, Round Shells can be obtained more frequently in Breaking the Limit 2(Bitter Endurance) quest.
        3) Chance to complete NPC Dito’s necklace Breaking the Limit 2(Bitter Endurance) quest is increased.
        4) Soul in Disguise appears more frequently in Breaking the Limit 3(Ghost's Amusement) quest.
        5) Removed the status effect applied when failing to catch Soul in Disguise during Breaking the Limit 3(Ghost's Amusement) quest.
        6) Changed the number of Stone Piece of Origin required for Breaking the Limit 2 fromm 400 to 300.
        7) Changed the number of Stone Piece of Origin required Breaking the Limit 3 from 1000 to 500.
      If there are no inventory space available when providing Fairy’s Jewel to Fairies of the Spring Water, it will not provide original jewels any more



      3. Transcendence Book Drop Effect Added
      - Item drop effect was added for Transcendence Books that are dropped at a certain chance when eliminating monsters.
      - More flashy effects are displayed for higher Transcendence Books.



      4. Smelting Preview UI Improvements
      - A UI where you can preview Smelting information for equipments was added.
      - Clicking the ‘Preview’ button at the bottom of Smelting window to view preview information.



      5. Nephon Creature Team UI Improvements
      - Main Creature display icons for each team (PVP, Adventure, and Passive Tea) were added.
      - Nephon Creature Adventure teams (up to 3) allocation icon can now be differentiated with each team’s colors.
      - PVP team allocation icon was added.


      6. Mirror Fields for Hunting Grounds Added  

      - Mirror Fields for certain hunting grounds for over 1000 levels.



      7. Emoji (Emoticon) System added
      - 6 Emoji which can be used account wide have been added.
      - Players can open Emoji UI from the Emoji icon located on the right side of chat window.
      - 6 new Emoji added are 'Joy', 'Sad', 'Anger', 'Good', 'No', 'Help'.



      8. Guild War/Siege War Only Consumable Items Added
      - Consumables which are only usable in Guild Wars/Siege Wars have been added.
      - The consumables drop when hunting monsters.




      9. Red Stone Energy Changes

      - Input attempt available for 15 seconds are changed to 5.
      - Number of key inputs are set to 4.


      10. Rapid Growth (Association) Equipment Added

      - Players can purchase Rapid Growth Equipment from NPC Coin Dealer Oberon in Adventurer Association of High Brunenstig.
      - Each equipment can be purchased with 20 Adventurer Coins.
      - Newly added Rapid Growth Equipment can be equipped by characters whose level is above 800.
      - Newly added Rapid Growth Equipment have better performance compared to original Rapid Growth Equipment.
      - Newly added Rapid Growth Equipment can be used in Design Book, Another World Enhancement, Prefix, Smelting but cannot be used in Grinding/Opening.



      11. Other Quality of Life Changes
      - Filter button added to the inventory to allow players to distinguish items by item types.
      - Changed inventory UI so players can distinguish inventory slot which can be opened by Magic Bags and Porter title.
      - Changed the color of Peppermint Glass Bottle item name when it is dropped on the field.
      - NPC locations displayed in the tooltip of Exchange Coupons from Tutorials.
      - Text have been added to Breaking the Limit quest [Hidden Power] so players can identify quest objectives more clearly.
      - Item stack number has been changed as follows: Attribute Amulet Box types up to 100, Magic Book of Magic Amplification, Reconstruction type up to 50.
      - Custom-made portable open tool box item has been changed.



      We will be renewing this preview notice if there are any changes made to our Squire Class balance patch.
      Also, please note some of the tables may look broken or extending out to side in PC and Mobile webpage.
      We are looking for ways to solve the problem, and ask for your kind understanding.
      Thank you.

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online