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      [Preview]Other System Updates

      Hello, Adventurers!

      Here are the detailed information for our Other System Updates in 2020 November Major Update.
      Also, below are the links for other updates for you to take a look at.

      - A higher difficulty ‘Despair’ difficulty Blackfire Area Boss ‘Surag’ Elimination.
      - Elimination difficulty can be selected from ‘NPC Elimination Knight’ after entering the Elimination.
      - ‘Despair’ difficulty clear reward have higher probability than ‘Nightmare’ difficulty rewards.
      - Party members who clear ‘Despair’ difficulty for the first time can receive special title ‘One who Overcame Despair’.

      [One who Overcame Despair Title Effect]

      2. New Episode Quest Added 
      - New Episodes [Darlene, Delan Original Episode Quest] are added.
      - Players can start New Episode Quest from ‘NPC Delan’ in Association Chairman’s Mansion.
      - After completing the Episode Quest, ‘Prayer’ emoji can be obtained, which can be used with #Prayer command.
      ※ Updates related to emoji will be continued in the future.

      3. Mission Book Season 3 Added
      - Mission Book is a system that provides rewards for players participating in various existing game systems.
      - Mission Book clear reward includes benefits such as Stats Increase and Max HP Increase.
      - Mission Book Season 3 consists of 9 different chapters with 90 different missions.
      - Mission Book Season 3 Chapter 1 can be completed without any prerequisites, and Chapter 2 and 3 are opened by clearing Chapter 1.
       > After opening Chapter 2 and 3, Mission Book can then be progressed by odd/even chapter numbers.
      - ‘Riddle Hint System’ are applied to certain Mission Book Season 3 missions.

      4. Creature System Convenience Improvements
      - Creature icon can be dragged freely to register them for Creature PvP/Adventure, Creature Passive menu.
      - When registering Creature Passive, by double clicking after showing Passive window registers it from the top.
      - When registering Creature for Creature PvP/Adventure, by dboule clicking after showing PvP/Adventure window registers it from the top.
      - You can remove registered Creature from PvP/Adventure, Creature Passive menu by double clickin.
      - In Creature Passive menu, Sub Creatures are not removed when changing Main Creature.
      - In Creature Passive menu, Sub Creatures can be registered without registering a Main Creature.

      We will be renewing this preview notice if there are any changes made to our update.
      Thank you.

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online.