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      [Notice]System Update

      Hello Adventurers!

      Here are the details for our class balance patch on Game System Update.

      Here are links to our other update for you to take a look at.

      1. Item Drop Effect Improvements
      - Changed the item drop effect and sound of Unique item drops 
      so it is easier to distinguish among many items dropped from hunting monsters or raids..

      2. New Episode Quest (Elixir of Immortality)
      - Characters with level 850 and above can proceed with the new Episode Quest.
      - New Episode Quest can be started from NPC Association Agent’ (76,39) in Port City Strasserad.
      - Players can enter exclusive hunting grounds with Immortal attribute removed 
      after completing the Episode Quest,
      - Exclusive hunting grounds can be accessed from NPC Rodshel (83,98) in Farm Town Garimt.

      3. New Hunting Grounds

      4. New Elimination Contents (Gerio)
      - Characters who completed ‘Land of Holy Beast Elimination Scenario Quest’ 
      and are above level 900 can participate in the new Elimination Contents.
      - Players obtain 1 entry token when completing the quest for the first time, 
      and can obtain more entry tokens by completing a repeatable quest.
      - New Elimination content consists of 4 different difficulties, 
      and players can exchange ‘Gerio`s Armor Pieces’ into Elimination Badges.
      - Characters clearing Nightmare difficulty for the first time can obtain a special title ‘Break the Wings’.
      - Special effect is displayed above the character when obtaining the special title. (No stats are available)
      - New Elimination Quest/Repeatable Quest NPC : ‘Land of Holy Beast NPC Clide (4,46)’ 

      [Break the Wings Effect]

      5. New Guide System and Compass System Improvements
      - New Guide system can be checked from the ‘Guide’ icon located below the mini-map.
      - ‘Guide’ icon is only visible to characters above level 10.
      - The item level of ‘Compass by Adventurers’ Association: 
      ‘For Beginners’ Return’ is changed to level 1 ~ level 600.
      - ‘For Beginners` Return’ Compass is now included in ‘Comeback Celebration Package’ 
      provided as 1 day reward for Returner Attendance Check.
      - New Guide system provides guidelines for the contents listed below.
      > Suggested Content for the level
      - Display Hunting Grounds, Secret Dungeons, Quests and other contents from level 0 to 1250.
      - Show suggested hunting grounds, Secret Dungeons, Quests and other contents every 50 levels.
      - You can select and view contents for desired levels.
      - Players can teleport to the content location by using Feather of Wind.
      - If you possess either Returner title or Portal Sphere, 
      you can teleport freely to the suggested content location.
      > Returner Quest
      - Characters with Returner title can see a pop-up notification for Returner Quest 
      when connecting for the first time.
      - Players can check the remaining duration of Returner title by Returner Quest guide in Guide system.
      - Certain Returner Quest are changed, and all Returner Quests previously being proceeded are removed.
      - NPC ‘Turner’ located in High Brunenstig, Adventurer Association High Brunenstig Branch are removed.
      - Returner Quest can be performed per account.
      - Upon update, the duration of all Returner title possessed by returning characters are reset to 14 days.
      - Upon update, the Returner daily attendance check is reset to day 1, and rewards can be claimed again.

      6. New Nephon Creatures and Nephon Creature Essence Items
      - Using the Nephon Creature Essence item increases the number of Nephon Creature Essence in possession.
      - 8 New Nephon Creatures are added.





      [New Creature Skill]
      - Terror Howling: Add normal attack damage value to skill damage
      - Goddess of the Harvest: Life absorb, Critical, Maximum Health buff
      - Beyonder: Absorb 20% of enemy all stats
      - Master of Space Time: Luck % recovery, invincibility 

      7. New Sub Quest
      - 6 new Sub Quests for characters above level 700 are added.
      - New Sub Quests can be started from ‘Sattelite City Longtail’.
      > Start NPC : Chamel (47,62) , Aman (39,14) , Butler (15,43) , Supply Guard (83,103) , Woodman (78,6)

      8. Secret Dungeon Content Improvements
      - You can now receive Move Speed related Badge, Blessing effects in Secret Dungeons.
      - Clear EXP are increased for certain Secret Dungeons
      > Abandoned Underground Prison, Ancient Grave of Tartas, 
      Runaway Mountain, Collapsed Subterranean Ruins, Imp`s Treasure Warehouse
      - Create Limit for certain Secret Dungeons are increased.
      > Hidden Place of Lucipher x3, A Mystical Area in the Spine Hall x3, A Cave of Hesopar x3
      - Secret Dungeon Entry Level Limit are changed as listed below.

      ※ Certain Point Store item is removed from sale due to Secret Dungeon Entry Level Limit Change.

      > Secret Dungeon Badge for Companion
      ※ Any existing Secret Dungeon Badge for Companion in will be retrieved 
      from Shopping Cart and Points will be returned due to the badge being removed from sale.

      ※ Please report by 1:1 Inquiry if you possess Secret Dungeon Badge for

      Companion in character inventory so the item can be removed and Points returned.

      - When completing the Secret Dungeons listed below, certain rewards can only be obtained at certain levels.

      9. Wide Resolution Added
      - Maximum 1920x1080 resolution can be used, and it can be changed between 800x600 to 1920x1080.