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      [Notice]Transendence Skill Renewal



      Hello Adventurers!


      Here are the details for our class balance patch on Transcendence Skill Renewal.


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      1. Transcendence Skill Renewal Information  

      - Using and activating Transcendence Skill Book will be changed as Transcendence Skills are renewed.
      - When using Transcendence Skill Book, the Transcendence Skill is created in a dedicated inventory.
      - Desired Transcendence Skill can be registered into a slot you choose by dragging the skill into the slot.
      - When deleting a Transcendence Skill, you can use ‘Transcendent Power Delete Scroll’ to select

      and remove a Transcendence Skill from the dedicated Inventory.
      - Transcendence Skill Upgrade UI now shows the materials required for the upgrade,

      and the changes made to the skill.
      - Maximum 26 Transcendence Skills can be stored in the dedicated inventory.


      2. Transcendence Skill Special Enhancement
      - Transcendence Skill Special Enhancement can be performed on Normal, Rare,

      Unique rank Transcendence Skill Books.
      > Certain Rare rank Transcendence Skills for skill specialization 

      are not subject to Special Enhancement.
      - Special Enhancement can be performed up to +5 level, and succeeds at 100% rate.
      > Please note the number of Transcendence Skill Books required for

      each enhancement level is different, and that the Transcendence Skill Books

      used as ingredient for the enhancement are destroyed.

      - Extra skill effect are activated for each Transcendence Skill when performing

      Special Enhancement for the first time. 

      - The extra skill effect becomes stronger as Special Enhancement level increases.
      - Initializing the skill level of a Transcendence Skill will not reset the Special Enhancement level of the skill.
      - Special Enhancement effect will be activated only at Transcendence Skill level 1 and above.

      (ie. If the Transcendence Skill level is at 0, the Special Enhancement effect will not be activated).
      - If a Specially Enhanced Transcendence Skill is deleted,

      the Special Enhancement is also deleted with the skill.


      3. Transcendence Skill Renewal
      - Special Enhancement Options are applied to each Transcendence Skills.
      - Special Enhancement Options do not apply to

      certain rare rank skill specialization Transcendence Skill Books.


      Normal Rank 

      Fortify Strength:
      Permanently increases Strength. Some Health is lost when Strength increases.




      Fortify Knowledge: Permanently increases Knowledge. Some Health is lost when Knowledge increases.



      Fortify Agility: Permanently increases Agility. Some Charisma is lost when Agility increases. 



      Fortify Wisdom: Permanently increases Wisdom. Some Agility is lost when Wisdom increases.



      Fortify Health: Permanently increases Health. Some Charisma is lost when Health increases.



      Fortify Charisma: Permanently increases Charisma. Some Agility is lost when Charisma increases.



      Repair Equipment: Performs maintenance on your equipment

      so that the chance of an item's durability decreasing is lowered.



      Regenerate Health: Regenerates some health when enemy is damaged. Effect reduced in PvP.



      Random Extra Damage: Random-type damage is dealt according to a set value.

      Unique Rank


      Physical Bash: Deals a powerful physical blow with a set chance of success. 

      Does not apply if Physical Critical Hit activates at the same time.


      Magic Bash:
      Deals a powerful magical blow with a set chance of success.

      Does not apply if Magic Critical Hit activates at the same time.



      Enhance Magic: There is a chance of dealing extra damage, which ignores the limit damage, 

      based on the increase values set for the physical attack increase %

      and for the magic attack increase %


      Awaken: Randomly deals damage that ignores the User's damage limit.



      Adaptability: Restores any stats that have decreased since entering the Map.



      Tolerance: Restores the highest Resistance that has been lowered since entering the Map. 



      Absorb Magic: Restores a set amount of damage dealt as CP.



      Space Distortion: Reduces the absolute value of the damage dealt

      to the user by a certain amount. Effect reduced in PvP.

      4. New Transcendence Skill

      Rare Rank


      Muscular Strength Focused Training: Permanently increases Power greatly



      Knowledge Focused Training: Permanently increases Knowledge greatly



      Agility Focused Training: Permanently increases Alacrity greatly


      Wisdom Focused Training:
      Permanently increases Wisdom greatly



      Health Focused Training: Permanently increases Health greatly



      Charisma Focused Training: Permanently increases Charisma greatly



      Luck Focused Training: Permanently increases Luck greatly

      Unique Rank 


      Wedge: Reduces the physical critical hit resistance of the attacking target.


      Magic Amplification :
      The damage percentage of the magic critical hit is increased.



      Please note some of the tables may look broken or extending out to side in PC and Mobile webpage.
      We are looking for ways to solve the problem.
      We ask for your kind understanding.
      Thank you.
      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online.