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      [Event]World Event Clear Count
      Hello Adventurers!

      We have brought the week World Event Clear Count for each faction!
      Please check below for more details.

      - 2020/06/29 After Maintenance ~ 2020/07/29 Before Maintenance

      [How to Participate]
      - Players can participate in the event by completing the weekly repeatable Main Quest 1 “1. Completion of a New Red Stone “.
      - Each faction’s rank will be decided according to the accumulated number of the quest cleared for the faction within event duration.
      - The event reward will be provided to the participants according to the rank of each faction, as mentioned below.
      -The reward will be provided during the maintenance on August 13th.

      [Event reward for each Red Stone Factions]

      [Clear Count]

      Please be advised, thank you.
      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online