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      [Patchnote]Other Updates
      Hello, adventurers!

      Below are the detailed patchnotes for the February Major Update.
      Please click on the links below to see other detailed patchnotes.

      [Musketeer/Alchemist Class Change] :
      [Maid Balance Patch] :
      [Land of Chaos System] :
      [Equipment Rework] :
      [Other Updates] :

      Here are the detailed patchnotes for Other Updates.

      1. New Nephon Creatures

      - 12 New Nephon Creatures are added.

      2. Secret Dungeon Changes

      [Vampire Kingdom]
      - Level limit of Vampire Kingdom 1 Floor, 2 Floor change to 680 and above.
      - Monster Experience gained from Vampire Kingdom 1 Floor, 2 Floor are increased.
      - Zergs in Vampire Kingdom 1 Floor do not appear any more.
      - New DX item (Imposing) can be obtained form Vampire Kingdom.

      [Abandoned Underground Prison]
      - New DX items (Masquerade, Faint Perfume) can be obtained from Abandoned Underground Prison.

      [Collapsed Subterranean Ruins]
      - New DX items (Bound Immortality, Noble Life) can be obtained from Collapsed Subterranean Ruins.

      [Runaway Mountain]
      - New DX items (Perseverance of a Chaser, Loop Efforts) can be obtained from Runaway Mountain.

      3. 2 New Secret Dungeons 

      [Ancient Grave of Tartas]
      Story : 2 adventurers found the forgotton hero’s grave, Ancient Grave of Tartas. Bring back the injured adventurers.
      Field : Blackfire Cave Secret Dungeon
      Entrance : 257,8
      Level : Above 800 Level
      Other : New DX items (Tartas’s Punishment, Soiled Life) can be obtained from Ancient Grave of Tartas.

      [Imp’s Treasure Warehouse]
      Story : Hidden treasure house of forest keeper imps
      Field : Center of the Forest of Life Secret Dungeon
      Entrance : 178.168 , 80.188 , 71.6 , 13.123 (Move with objects located on the coordinates)
      Level : Above 1000 Level
      Other : New DX items (Element Rally) can be obtained from Imp’s Treasure Warehouse.

      4. 4 New Hunting Grounds

      5. Mission Book Season 2 

      - Mission Book is a system that provides rewards for players participating in various existing game systems.
      - Mission Book clear reward includes benefits such as All Stats Increase and Max HP Increase.
      - Mission Book Season 2 consist of 6 different chapters with 76 different missions. 

      6. 2 New Elite Pets 

      [New Elite Pet Stats]

      [New Elite Pet Characteristics]

      Respawn time for certain Elite Pets were reduced.
      - Elite Desert Warrior: 8 hours → 5 hours
      - Elite Demon: 10 hours → 6 hours
      - Elite Magician: 8 hours → 5 hours
      - Elite Succubus: 10 hours → 6 hours

      7. Quality of Life Improvements for New/Returning Players 

      - Increased the number of monsters in Fields for Delan’s tutorial quest. 
      (Delan’s Secret Map <10> ~ Delan’s Secret Map<40>)
      - Gypsy Town Vissel map Field can be saved with Sphere items.
      - Marks on monsters with Quest Marks are displayed without hovering the mouse over the monster.
      - Icons displayed in Quest window when doing tutorial quests are changed.
      - Maestro Seri does not display Eternal 1 shop during ‘Eternal Weapons’ tutorial quest.
      8. New Option added (Magic Accuracy)
      - New option ‘Magic Accuracy’ will be added.
      - ‘Magic Accuracy’ allows magic attacks to hit at a certain probability when magic attacks are 
      counted as misses.
      - Magic Accuracy effect increases in proportion to character’s Charisma stat.
      - Maximum amount for increasing Magic Accuracy is separate for amount increase by Stats and 
      amount increased by item effects.

      9. Main Quest (Chapter 1,2) Quest Line/Reward/Convenience improvemnet

      - Provides character teleport during certain Main Quests.
      - Players can choose which field they want to move if the quest area is more than 2 fields.

      - Field Teleport Item will be provided to help progressing with the quest.
      - The items are provided as players progress through Main Quest and will be retrieved as character progresses.

      - Quest related item drop rates for certain quest increased, and reward added to certain Main Quests.

      - Interactable Object is displayed on Mini-Map when Quest Guide is activated from Mini-Map settings.
      - More detailed Quest Information is displayed in Quest Shortcut.
      - Item gaining method when hunting monsters in party is reworked.

      [Item Obtaining Method Rework]
      - Party members who are not in combat cannot receive Repetable Quest items.
      - If the level of monster eliminated is higher than the lowest party member level by more than 51, 
      all party members cannot receive Repeatable Quest items.

      10. Changes to Nephon Creature Essence 

      - Nephon CreatureNephon Creature gained when sending is affected by the original Rank of the creature.
      - The number of Nephon Creature Essence gained remains the same if Current Rank and Start Rank is the same.

      11. Red Stone Energy System Improvements
      - The duration of Red Stone Energy is increased from 60 seconds to 90 seconds.
      - Certain Stats of Black Market Merchant decreased.

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      We ask for your kind understanding.

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      Red Stone Online.