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      [Patchnote]Earth of Confusion System
      Hello, adventurers!

      Below  are the detailed patchnotes for the February Major Update.
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      Here are the detailed patchnotes for our new Earth of Confusion, and Upgrading with Confusion 
      Fragment System.

      Earth of Confusion Scenario

      - The adventurer was investigating a mysterious incident in High Brunenstig,
      - However, the adventurer was one step late in stopping it from happening, and a distorted Gate is 
      formed in High Brunenstig with an explosion. Adventurer now needs to stop twisted monsters trying 
      to come through to this world.

      Earth of Confusion Quest

      - Earth of Confusion related Quests can be accepted from a new NPC ’Ilaria‘ 
      (coordinate 135, 135) in High Brunenstig.
      ※ Players can obtain 'Red Light(Untradeable)' item as a reward for completing the quest.

      Entering Earth of Confusion

      - Players can randomly obtain ‘Red Light’ item by collecting ‘Red Stone Energy’.
      - Players can enter Earth of Confusion by interacting with ‘Black-Red Light’ object 
      (coordinate 141,132) in High Brunenstig and consuming ‘Red Light’ item.
      - ‘Earth of Confusion’ can be entered alone, or with a party of maximum 4 characters.

      [Entering Solo] 

      [Entering with a party]


      - ‘Earth of Confusion’ begins at level 1 when entering for the first time.
      - Players can attempt the next level after clearing the wave and obtaining the reward, 
      regardless of the level.
      - Players can skip the levels previously cleared, and while in party, players can enter the Earth of 
      Confusion levels according to the party leader‘s clear status.
      - Monsters respawn in Earth of Confusion according to the wave progress.
      - Occasionally Pollution(HP reduction)’과 ‘Regeneration(HP and CP Regeneration)’ occurs during 
      wave progress.
      - Consumable items cannot be used in Earth of Confusion. (Consumable items available for ‘Earth 
      of Confusion Only‘ can be used)
      - Mini-map is unavailable in Earth of Confusion, and Berserker title effect is not applied.
      - The death penalty does not apply when character dies, but players can only revive with the skills 
      from a character.
      - Players can exit Earth of Confusion by click “Go back to Town: from the settings menu at the entrance, 
      and can re-enter the Earth of Confusion for 3 minutes when being unintentionally disconnected.


      - Each level consists of 10 waves.
      - There is a time limit for each wave, and if all monsters are not eliminated within the time limit 
      or all character dies, all participants return to the town.
      - ‘Pollution’ and ‘Regeneration’ for a specific wave is reset after cleaing the wave.
      - Players can use ‘Return to Town‘ menu during a wave.

      Twisted Monster

      - ‘Twisted Effect’ is applied to monsters at weekly reset, and the distortion is applied to all monsters 
      in Earth of Confusion for the week.
      - ‘Twisted Effect’ is divided into Low and High rank, and high rank distortion only appears at 
      level 1200 and above.
      - The number of ‘Twisted Effect’ increases by 1 from 600 level at every 200 level intervals.


      - Players cannot gain normal item drops, and gain 1 EXP when eliminating monsters in Earth of Confusion.
      - Players can randomly obtain special items when eliminating monsters in Earth of Confusion.
      - A ‘Reward Box‘ appears at the center for participants to claim the reward when they clear the 
      attempted level.
      - Players can obtain 4 ‘Reward Boxes‘ when attempting Earth of Confusion alone or with a party, 
      and can claim 1 ‘Reward Box‘ when attempting with 4 people.

      [Reward Box Contents]

      ※ Tao’s Red Light Box and Red Light Engraving Book can be randomly obtained from 
      Reward Boxes of Earth of Confusion Level 7 and above.
      ※ Tao’s Red Light Box and Red Light Engraving Box are tradeable.
      ※ Rings obtained from Tao’s Red Light Boxare tradeable.
      ※ Chance of obtaining higher quality reward increases according to the level cleared.
      - Level 1 ~ Level 6, Level 7 ~ Level 9, Level 10 ~ Level 14, Level 15 ~ Level 19, 
      Level 20 ~ Level 24, Level 25 ~ Level 29

      [Items obtainable from hunting monsters]

      ※ Chance of obtaining higher quality reward increases according to the level cleared.
      - Level 1 ~ Level 6, Level 7 ~ Level 9, Level 10 ~ Level 14, Level 15 ~ Level 19, 
      Level 20 ~ Level 24, Level 25 ~ Level 29

      Earth of Confusion Ring Engraving System

      - Engraving can be processed on rings obtained from Earth of Confusion by hunting 
      monsters and claiming the reward box.
      - ‘Red Light Engraving Book’ is required to process Engraving on the ring, and 
      Success/Failure/Destory of the process is determined at a certain probability.
      - Maximum Engraving value is 30, and Maximum Engraving effect applies at 30.

      Upgrading with Confusion Fragment System

      Earth of Confusion Dungeon System also brings in ‘Upgrading with Confusion Fragment System’, 
      an in-game upgrade system designed to allow players access to Ring Prefix system through 
      in-game contents.

      We are aware that you, as players, cannot obtain satisfying Ring Prefix content although you obtain 
      certain unique items through gameplay.

      Players cannot use ‘Prefix Amulets’, ‘Magic Book of Amplification/Reconstruction/Destruction’, 
      ‘Red Bottomless Box’ to Ring Items, and now apply/enhance Ring Prefixes with ‘Confusion Fragments’ 
      obtainable through in-game contents.

      Also, we are planning to add onto the in-game contents so players can access Ring Prefix system 
      more easily and efficiently.

      [Ring Prefix Application]

      - Players can add Prefix to Ring items from NPC Nike in High Brunenstig (Coordinate 141,143) 
      by using 5 ‘Confusion Fragments.
      - ‘Confusion Fragment’ can be obtained ‘Earth of Confusion’, and Prefix can be applied at a 
      certain probability according to the order of Prefix being applied.
      - Prefix can be applied to the order they are applied again.
      - Second Prefix cannot be appled if First Prefix has not been applied yet.
      - If the Prefix you are trying to change is the same Prefix Type as one of the other Prefixes attached, 
      you cannot change the Prefix.
      - Failure chance exists in adding Prefix according to the number of Prefix already attached.

      [First Applied Prefix]

      [Second Applied Prefix]

      [Third Applied Prefix]

      [Additional Prefix upgradable for each Prefix Type]
      - The Prefixes listed below can now be attached to Ring items, and can be upgraded.

      [Ring Prefix Amplification]

      - Players can amplify Prefixes attached to Ring items from NPC Nike in High Brunenstig 
      (Coordinate 141,143) by using 10 ‘Confusion Fragments’.
      - Prefixes previously attached with Attribute Amulets can also be amplified.
      - Magic Book of Amplification cannot be used on Ring Items.
      [Ring Prefix Reconstruction]
      - Players can use 10 Confusion Fragments from NPC Nike in High Brunenstig(141,143) to reconstruct
       prefix attached to Ring items at a certain probability..
      - Magic Book of Reconstruction cannot be used on Ring items.

      [Ring Prefix Deletion]

      - Players can use 10 Confusion Fragments from NPC Nike in High Brunenstig(141,143) to remove 
      prefix from Ring items..
      - Magic Book of Destruction cannot be used on Ring items.

      Please note some of the tables may look broken or extending out to side in PC and Mobile webpage.
      We are looking for ways to solve the problem.
      We ask for your kind understanding.

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online