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      [Notice]Major Update Preview
      Hello, Adventurers! 

      We will be bringing you some brief details for our future Red Stone Major Update planned in January 2020.

      Listed below are the some of our future Major Update details for all Red Stone users eager for new contents.

      ※ Please note that the update contents listed below can be changed/added according to our internal issues.
      ※ Detailed Patchnotes will be provided when the update is applied.

      [January Update Preview]

      - Maid Balance Patch will be applied. [Click to See Preview Notice]
      - Musketeer Class Change will be added.
      - Alchemist Class Change will be added.
      - New Dungeon Content will be added.
      - New Ring Prefix System will be added.
      - Changes to certain Secret Dungeons will be applied.
      - New Secret Dungeons will be added.
      - New Hunting Grounds will be added.
      - New Nephon Creatures will be added.
      - New DX Equipments will be added.
      - Mission Book Season 2 will be added.
      - A Quality of Life patch for Main Quest Chapter 1 & 2 will be applied. (Routes, rewards, and other changes)
      - Display UI for Another World Monsters will be changed.
      - Relic equipment and Essence of Another World will be reworked.
      - New Elite Pets for Tamer Class will be added.
      - Saving Location function of Portal Spheres will be changed to work in Mirror Fields.
      - ‘Calling’ skill will be changed to work in Mirror Fields.
      - Cooltime will be added to 'Calling ' skill.

      We will be releasing some more details about the updates in separate notice in the future.

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online.