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      [Patchnote]Other Updates
      3. Nephon Creature System Rework

      1) Awaken System Added 

      - The Main/Passive skills of Nephon Creatures can be awakened when they reach maximum level.

      - Awakening Stones are required to proceed with awakening. Awakening stones can be randomly obtained from Creature Adventure.

      - Maximum awakening level is limited by creature type and creature rank.

      [Main Passive]

      [Sub Passive]

      - Passive effect level increases in relation to awakening level, and awakening creature skill can fail at a certain probability.

      - Maximum passive effect awakening level is increased when creature rank is increased by upgrading a creature.

      2) Creature Passive Transformation System Added 

      - When Creature is max level, the Sub passives can be changed into other options.

      - Passive rank is determined by the Creature rank, and the level becomes base level.

      - Creature Essences are required according to Creature rank.

      - Creature goes through awakening at a certain probability when transformed.

      - Listed below are the options only obtainable by Creature Transformation.

      - If the creature is transformed with all creature passives fully awakened, a sub passive is added at a certain probability.

      - Added passive can be fixed and used, and it can be removed if Creature Transformation is performed again.

      - Added passive cannot be awakened.

      - One passive option can be locked, and additional Creature Essence is required to do so.

      3) Creature Book Rework

      - All creatures are added to Creature Book.

      - Newly added creatures do not affect Creature Book Completion Bonus.

      4) Creature Adventure Rework 

      - Creature Activity Points are not spent in Creature Adventure.

      - Awakening Stones can be obtained from adventures above Medium floor difficulty.

      - Awakening Stones and Red Awakening Stones can be obtained from adventures above High floor difficulty.

      - Awakening Stones can be used to obtain Creature Experience.

      - Creature Experience gained in Creature Adventure is increased.

      5) UI Rework and Other System Rework

      - ‘Book Registration Additional Stat” appearing before unsealing does not show up any more.

      - All Creature information is displayed after unsealing.

      - Creature Passive Team maintain effect can be viewed be default.

      - One creature can be registerd for PvP/Adventure/Creature Passive Team.

      - Creature main/sub passive can be viewed in Creature Registration UI.

      4. Item Rework

      1) Magic Carpet Rework 

      - Magic Carpets can now be used in some dungeons.

      ※ Unusable Area : Secret Dungeon, Duel Area, Siege War, Guild Point Battle, Elimination, Guild Battle

      - Magic Carpet usage confirmation pop-up menu is not displayed, and Magic Carpets can be summoned right away by pressing “Y” key.

      - Emblem Carpets can be used without Portal Sphere type items.

      - Carpet movement speed is increased, except Gear Wheel Carpets.

      5. New Magic Injection Design Book and Improvements

      1) New Magic Injection Design Book

      [‘Desire’ Design Book]

      - 5 Piece Effect : Reduce damage received when hit by 10% with 50% probability.

      ['Wrath' Design Book]

      - 5 Piece Effect : When skill hits, apply 100% Max HP as additional damage at 40% probability.

      2) Magic Injection System Improvements
      - Success rate of Special Design Books was increased slightly.

      - Drop rate of Tantilis’ Heart item was increased slightly.

      - Tantilis’ Source item was removed from additional reward of Main Quest Part 2 Repetition reward.

      - Magic Injection Effect UI is displayed when hovering mouse over Design Book items.

      - Special Design Book can be made with 1000 Magic Inks and 1 Tantilis’ Heart.

      ※ Existing Tantilis’ Source item can be traded in Tantilis’ Heart from NPC Lasha in High Brunenstig.

      - Item option values of some original design books were changed.

      ['Familiar Spirits Gratitude' Design Book]

      - 5 Piece Effect : You and All pets recover 7% HP when eliminating an enemy, and All pet attack, All pet magic attack increases by 20% for 5 minutes.

      ['Reversal' Design Book]

      - 5 Piece Effect : You and all pets recover 10% HP when eliminating an enemy, and All pet attack,Allpet magic attack increases by 40% for 5 minutes.

      ['Rotation' Design Book]

      - 5 Piece Effect : Regain 50% of CP consumed in using a skill at a 40% probability.