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      [Patchnotes] June 26th patchnote
      Hello Adventurers!

      Here is the patchnote fore June 26th maintenance.

      Bug fixes:
      - Season 1 Adventurer Report 12 could not be completed after completing main quest
      - Quest Delan's Secret Map(61) could not be completed
      - June Event Attendance Check was reset after certain period
      - Quest Meeting the Minipet could not be accepted even if character is higher than level limit
      - Season 1 Adventurer Report 17 could not be completed
      - Quest Supression Raid could not be completed
      - Upgrading Transcendence skill crashing the game client
      - The item name of "Transcendence Book of [Skill]" is changed to "Exceed Book [Skill]"
      - Using "Transcendence Book of [Skill]" could not be used

      We thank you for patience and kind understanding while we were making fixes on the issues.

      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online