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      [Update] Other updates

      Hello, adventurers! 

      Check out these other updates that we've prepared for you.


      1. Raid Undead King, Dragot’s skill [Zombification] skill was changed.

      2. Your friends’ levels are displayed in the friend list 

      You can check your friends’ levels in your friend list.

      Only level of users who entered the game after the update will be displayed and level of those users who didn’t enter the game will be shown as “?”



      3.   Trade Assistant improved

      Trade Assistant item search result and search category are improved.

      Improved classification is divided by the following 9 classes: 




      4.  Bank’s waiting time reduced 

      Bank waiting time was reduced from 60 seconds to 5 seconds. 



      5. Street Stall Install Area display added 

      Effect was added showing if players can or cannot install street stalls.

      If available effect shows Green, if unavailable effect shows Red.

      Players can move the character after the effect appears.

      ‘Not a good location to install Street Satll’ message shows when player tries to install it in forbidden areas such asTraining Ground or Plaza.



      6.  New player / returning player package changes

      One of the items included in the package “Portal Sphere [7 days] was changed into “not for transactions” item



      7. Portal sphere improvement

      Basic portal sphere items were improved 


      ※  Eternal ULT Weapon Double Enhance chance will only be increased with Portal Spheres only applies to those indicated in 5).


      1) Number of places saved in the sphere increased 

         One of the features of the sphere “saving the location” was increased from 2 to maximum 3 locations. 


      2) Teleport to village

         A feature that allows to pay 20,000 gold and teleport to desired village was added.

      3) Enter Boss Elimination Area for free 

        You can challenge Boss without Elimination entrance ticket. In case you have both, sphere and Elimination entrance ticket in your inventory, the ticket will not be consumed. 


      4) Buffs of Adventurer Association 

         Casts a buff for a character that is similar with “Adventurer Association buff” 


      5) Eternal ULT Weapon Double Enhance chance increase 

         Eternal ULT Weapon Double Enhance(Gold) chance is increased hen creating Eternal ULT items while possessing the Portal Spheres listed below..


      ※ Eternal ULT Weapon Double Enhance Chance is only increased with the Portal Spheres listed above..



      8. Consumable buff item icon display 

      When using a consumable buff item the icon is displayed on the bottom left corner.

      To check the remaining time of the effect, hover the cursor over the icon



      9. Association buff
      “Dark Enchanting” was added to the buff that is casted at Association. 
      New buff is also added to Association Support Potion and Association Buff Potion

      10. Damage displaying system improvement 
      To increase readability of damage marks, damage displaying system was improved

      11. Summoned creature, tamed pet AI on/off feature
      You can now adjust attack status of summoned creature or timed pet with on/off button
      You can adjust it if you click on the orange button, located on the right side of the health gauge of summoned creature or timed pet.

      12. Item Gain Effect added when obtaining item from Item Box 
      Players can check which item they obtained by using Item Box from left side of inventory and chat message box. Item boxes can be used by double-clicking on them, and the items obtained are stacked automatically.

      13. Effect descriptions are added to Necromancer skills [Lower Accuracy], [Lower Resist], [Lower Might] 

      14. Spiritualist balance adjustment 
      1) Windmill Slash, Typhoon Slash skill’s pull effect not getting affected by knock-back resistance is fixed.
      2) Windmill Slash, Typhoon Slash Attack area / Pull area will not be extended over a certain length.
      3) The Number of Attacks of Milling and Acceleration Milling skills was reduced from 12 to 11 
      4) Binding Existence’s Motion Probability and Maintain Time were reduced (PvP)
      5) Binding Evasion, Binding Soul’s Motion Probability and Maintain Time were reduced. (PvP)
      6) Switching’s Shooting Range was reduced from 400 to 200. (PvP)

      ※ Details
      - Paragraphs 4)~6) are applied to PvP.
      - <=""> skill info > were added to skill information that apply in PvP.
      - <=""> skill info> can be checked by pressing the Tab key.
      - PvP and PvE skills will be patched separately.