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      [Update] Nephon creatures

      Hello, Adventurers! 

      Here are some details on our update on Nephon Creatures



      1. Nephon Creature Manufacturing System 

      You can manufacture and acquire Nephon creatures with 100% probability of success.



      - It is not possible to make multiple manufactures at the same time.

      - Manufacture can be started and stopped as needed.


      For manufacturing ' Essence of the Nephon Creatures ' and ‘Unique Ingredient for each creature ' are needed.

      The number of 'Essence of the Nephon Creatures' you need depends on the creature rating you want to acquire.

      Nephon creature abandon function allows Essence of the Nephon Creatures ' acquisition according to creature’s rating.

      Abandoned creatures will disappear.



      - Nephon creatures that are part of PvP or the adventure team and are active cannot be abandoned. 

      - You can get Essence of the Nephon Creatures in PvP.

      - Essence of the Nephon Creatures is a “not for transactions” item.

      - You can possess up to maximum 50,000 Essences of the Nephon Creatures.

      - Essence of the Nephon Creatures does not fill in the inventory slots.


      Unique Ingredients are required for Nephon creature manufacturing, and can only be obtained if the manufacturing is 'in progress'. 

      Unique Ingredients do not fill in the inventory slots and when manufacturing is stopped it disappears.


      2. 6 new Nephon Creatures 

      6 new Nephon Creatures were added. 

      ※ You can obtain these creatures from Solar cocoon or Christmas cocoon.

      3.  Creature Passive skill

      - Current creature special passive skill changed to creature type creature passive.

      - Creature’s passive “Effect LV N” was changed into effect type with added level that works the same way  

                 Example) Current: Attack Speed 8% -> Changed: Attack Speed LV 8

      - Depending on passive level, the effect increases. Depending on the level the effect is added.

      - The creature passive is divided into two, and three in total: main passive and sub passive depending on the creature arrangement method.

                 : When placed in the main creature position, both main passive and sub passive will apply.

                 : When placed in the sub creature position only sub passive will apply,

      - You can put 1 creature in the main creature position and 3 creatures in sub passive position\

      - Passive effects with the same effect are stacked up in level.

      Example) Main creature’s main passive effect: Attack Speed LV 2, Sub creature’s sub passive effect: Attack Speed 1 LV -> you can receive the effect of total attack speed 3LV.

      - Creature passive can go up to level 50.

      - Same Creature added into Sub Creature slot cannot be added into another Sub Creature slot

                 : Creature added into Main Creature slot can be added into Sub Creature slot.



      4.Creature PVP system improvement


      Creature PVP rewards will be reorganized.