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      [Update] Eternal items and other equipment updates

      Hello adventurers!


      Here are more informaiton on some changes made in upgrading Eternal items and new equipment.


      1. Upgrading Eternal items


      1) details


      - Eternal items enhancement probability adjustment

      - +1 Enhance chance was increased to 100%, and enhance chance for +2~+7 were increased.

      - Some materials that are needed to enhance eternal weapons were removed




      2. Monk weapons


      - New Monk weapons were added






      3. Unique Ticket Rework


      - New equipments added for classes added after Opticalist

      (Beastman, Maid, Demonsorceress, Musketeer, Alchemist)




      4. PvP weapons and new DX equipment


      1) New PVP weapons


      - New PVP weapons were added.










      - Value of 'additional damage to human-type characters' option on existing PVP weapons were adjusted.



      2) New DX  equipment


      - New DX Unique items, which performs between existing ULT Uniques and DX Uniques were added
      ※The new DX Unique items cannot be copied.

      - List of New DX Weapons



















      - List of New DX Rings



      - List of New DX Armor
















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