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      [Update] Limit breaking system and other updates

      Hello Adventurers!

      Please check out the details for "Breaking the Limit" system and some other updates.


      1.Limit breaking system changes and Breaking the Limit 5 additional stages 

      (1) Breaking the Limit Physical value modification

      ※ Magic value did not change. 

      (2) Breaking the Limit stage 5 added 


      (3) New stage 5 quest 

         New stage 5 Breaking the Limit quest can be proceeded by talking to Angie NPC in Magic City Smug.


      2. 2 new high level hunting fields update

      2 new hunting fields, where the monsters of the highest levels 1100 ~ 1150 appear were added. You can enter it through “Western Deff Hills”

      Mirror fields for this area do not exist currently, but are expected to be added in the future. 

      3. New sub quest is added 

      A new sub quest that solves the story of demons around

      This is another part of the story that focuses the demons who started interacting with humans and were humiliated by other demons.

      The new sub quest can be obtained at Deep Dark Castle from Hilda, Maera NPCs.


      4.Main quest secret dungeon escape feature is added 

      You can now escape from Main Quest’s following secret dungeons: 

      1.Only a party leader can interact with the objects.
      2. If at least one of the party members has the quest on, the object will not activate