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      [Update] Warrior class balance patch

      Hello Adventurers!

      Check out our Warrior balance patch!


      [Warrior balance patch details]


      1.Warrior [Broad Strike] skill was changed into [Chivalry Mindset].

      2.Warrior [Delayed Crushing] skill’s Damage Multiply Max Value was added.

      3.Warrior [Savage Spike] skill name was changed into [Breaking Spike].

      4.Warrior [Devastating Wind] skill’s Physical Damage was changed.

      5.Warrior [Swift Strikes] skill was changed into [Desperado].

      6.Warrior [Typhoon Impulse] skill’s Used CP was changed.

      7.Warrior [Drastic Spin] Avoidance Rate was removed, Accuracy Rate was added, and Physical Damage was changed.

      8.Warrior [Violent Cyclone] skill was changed into [Dauntless].

      9.Warrior [Daring Leap] skill’s attack range has changed.

      10.Warrior [Projectile Defense] skill name has changed into [Hemorrhaging Blade].

      11.Warrior [Offense Breaker] skill’s  shield duration, Cooltime Max value were changed.

      12.Gale Swordfighter [Delayed Crushing Move] skill’s Physical Damage has changed.

      Attack Speed Reduction Max Value Max, Damage Multiply were added.

      13.Diabolic Swordfighter [Dragon Storm] skill’s Number of Attack, notes have changed.

      14.Diabolic Swordfighter [Dispersing Spike] skill’s Gained CP Reduction, Magic Damage / Physical Damage Weakening

      Max Value were added.

      15.Fearless Swordfighter [Savage Stomp] skill’s final defense rate % increase, Defense Rate Increase Time have changed. 

      16.Fearless Swordfighter [Blood Fury] skill’s Magic Attribute Damage Strengthening, Annoyed state, / Cooltime Removal were added.


      ※Modifications (secondary)

      1.Warrior [Sonic Blade] Wind Attribute Damage has been change.

      2.Warrior [Delayed Crushing] Attack Speed reduction Value has changed.

      3.Warrior [Breaking Spike] Used CP Reduction, Max values have changed.

      4.Warrior [Devastating Wind] Wind Attribute Damage has changed.

      5.Warrior [Desperado] when using skill, per 1 use Health Reduction %, Critical Damage have been changed.

      6.Warrior [Typhoon Impulse] has changed.

      7.Warrior [Daring Leap] has changed

      8.Warrior [Offense Breaker] shield value in proportion to Maximum HP, Skill Level Increase Time have changed.

      9.Warrior [Blood Rage] Elemental Magic Damage Increase, Max value has changed.

      10.Gale Swordfighter [Flat-out Attack] passive effect has changed.

      11.Gale Swordfighter [Delayed Crushing Move] Attack Speed Reduction Value, Number of Attacks have changed

      12.Diabolic Swordfighter [Dragon Storm] Number of Attacks has changed.

      13.Diabolic Swordfighter [Dispersing Spike] Used CP Reduction, Magic/Physical Damage Weakening have changed.

      14.Fearless Swordfighter [Savage Stomp] has changed.

      15.Fearless Swordfighter [Blood Fury] Physical Damage Increase, Magic Attribute Damage Strengthening were changed.


      Downward Thrust 

      Skill changes: none.


      Skill changes: Physical Damage increased.

      < Skill changes> : changed into passive skill. 


      Skill changes: Used CP reduced. Wind Attribute Damage changed into Wind Percent Damage.


      Skill changes: Changed into skill that does multiple damage with slower speed attacks. Additional Damage Multiply Max value was added.


      Skill changes: Used CP has changed. Depending on the reduction amount of Used CP, Physical Damage, Magic Damage weakening reaction skill was added. 



      Skill changes: none.


      Skill changes: Accuracy reduction value was removed. Number of Attack, Shooting Range/Area Extension was increased.

      Possible to use skill while moving. Wind Percent damage was added.


      Skill changes: changed into reaction skill.


      Skill changes: Used CP, Gained CP, Explosion Range were changed. Number of Attacks was added. Wind Attribute has changed into Water Attribute.


      Dragon Defender  -> Dragon Twister

      Skill changes: Explosion Range limit was adjusted. Cooltime was removed.


      Deep Stab 

      Skill changes: none.


      Skill changes: Avoidance Rate was removed, Accuracy Rate was added, and Physical Damage was changed.


      Skill changes: changed into passive skill.  HP and CP Recovery per after attacking a certain number of times were added


      Skill changes: Physical Damage was increased. Number of Attacks was changed.



      Skill changes: none.


      Leaping Attack 

      Skill changes: none.


      Skill changes: Physical Damage 1 was increased. Maintaining Time, Number of Attacks, Attacks Range were added.

      Wind percent Damage was added.


      Skill changes: Changed into a skill which moves quickly and attacks the enemy 4 times.

      Attack Interval, Used CP were reduced. Physical Damage has increased.



      Skill changes: Block Ignorance 50% was added.


      Skill changes: changed into passive. Decreases enemy's defense and block rate when counterattacked.


      Skill changes: Changed into passive. There is a certain probability of bleeding damage when attacking. 


      Skill changes:  When using, skill creates a shield for a period of time and depending on received damage increases all skills.

      Skill level increases by 0.2 for every 1% of HP consumed. (Round Down)



      Skill changes:  Physical Damage Increase has changed and Magic Damage Increase was added

                      Attack Speed, Movement Speed were removed.



      [Warrior Class’ skills]


      1. Gale Swordfighter

      Skill changes:  Passive Effect has been changed.


      Skill changes:   Physical Damage, Damage Multiply have changed.


      Altering Strike 

      Skill changes:  Used CP was reduced to 100. Maintaining Time have increased to 10 seconds.


      Hurricane Impact

      Skill changes:  Number of Attacks was increased to 7. Bleeding effect was removed.



      2. Diabolic Swordfighter

      Compensation of Victory 

      Skill changes:  changed into skill that restores 50 CP hen killing the enemy.

      Skill changes:  Attack Interval, Movement Speed Reduction, Magic Resistance Reduction, Attack Power have changed.


      Skill changes:  CP Usage per second, CP Usage Reduction, Magic/Physical Damage Weakening have changed.



      3. Fearless Swordfighter


      Skill changes:  changed into skill that deals 100% of defense as damage 1 time, at a 50% chance.


      Skill changes:  Number of Attacks, Defense Increase, Defense Increase Time were added. Range has increased. 


      Skill changes:  Removed “Annoyed”, Cooltime, and Wind/Water/Dark Attribute Attack Increase Effect was added.

      Skill changes:  Number of Attacks was added