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      [Update] Little Witch class balance patch
      Hello, Adventurers!
      Check out our Little Witch Balance patch!
      [Little Witch balance patch details]
      Hitting with magic stick
      Skill changes: none.
      Star Release
      Skill changes: 1 additional hit occurs.

      Skill changes: changed into reaction skill.

      *CP Used, CP Gained values were changed. The values in previous notice were stated incorrectly. We apologize for the inconvenience and make sure that same issue will not occur in the future.

      Skill changes: Number of Attacks has changed.

      Quasar Scattering
      Skill changes: Explosion Range was increased.

      Skill changes: changed into passive skill.

      Skill changes: Changed into passive skill. When being attacked, with a low probability can nullify the attacks (MAX 20%) 

      Skill changes: Physical Damage, Accuracy, Attack Speed, Shooting Range have been changed. Movement Speed was added.

      Dance Along
      Skill changes: none.

      Skill changes: Concentration, Movement Speed were removed. Magic Damage, Magic Vital Hit Rate Increase were added. Shooting Range was changed.


      Astral Spirit

      Skill changes: none


      Skill changes: changed into active skill.


      Skill changes: Wisdom Increase was added.


      Name of Justice

      Skill changes: none.


      Ultra Nova

      Skill changes: changed into gas form. Number of Attacks has changed into 2.

      Maintain Time changed into 5 seconds. Changed to Dealt over Time Damage.


      carrier pigeon of love 

      Skill changes: none.



      Skill changes: Berserk Probability, Berserk Maintain Time were removed. The rabbits attack 2 times in one use.

      Immobilizing Enemy has changed.

      Magical Drawing

      Skill changes: none.


      Skill changes: Used CP Reduction was added. Possible cast only 1 Rose Garden at the same time but can be casted continuously. (Previous rose garden will disappear when the new one is casted).

      Magic Box

      Skill changes: none.


      Skill changes: Light Attribute Attack was changed into 1. No transformation back into princess.


      Big Service

      Skill changes: Cooltime of 5 seconds was added. The skill receives Knowledge influence. No transformation back into princess.


      Skill changes: Attacks on single target changed into 3. CP Used, Number of Bounds were changed. No transformation back into princess.

      Florence Special

      Skill changes: Attack Speed has increased. Maintain Time, Attack Range were reduced.



      Skill changes: Confusion, Enemy CP Reduction, Allied Forces CP Gain, Confusion Effect were removed.

      Cooltime, Recovery percent Maintain Time were added.


      [Little Witch Class]

      1. Action Star


      Skill changes: Passive effect has changed.


      Galaxy Scattering

      Skill changes: The number of Attacks was changed into 3.


      Comet Launch

      Skill changes: The following details were changed in the notes.

      Bleeding effect to the target with 50% of skill damage > Bleeding effect to the target with 100% of skill damage

      Number of Attacks was changed into 7.


      Release Asterion 

      Skill changes: When attacking makes enemies go into galaxy state.



      2. Entertainer

      Skill changes: Passive Effect has changed.
      Ultra Supernova
      Skill changes: Maintain Time changed into 5 seconds. When using skill Rose Garden skill of the same level as Ultra Supernova skill appears around character.
      Skill changes: When attacking a single target the skill spreads to surrounding enemies. Number of Attacks, Skill Bouncing number were added.
      Florence’s Special Edition
      Skill changes: none.
      3. Idol Singer

      Skill changes: passive effect has changed.



      Skill changes:  incensement effect that depends on the number of party members has been changed.


      Carrier Pigeon of Harmony 

      Skill changes: Discount rate was increased. Changed into being available for use to party members. 


      Mystic Box

      Skill changes: none.