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      [Patchnote] May 8th Patchnote

      Hello, Adventurers!


      Here is the patchnote for May 8th Maintenance!


      1. Bug fixes


      - Quest “Meeting the Minipet” could not be completed

      - Quest “Delan’s Secret Map(61)” could not be progressed

      - Summoning Boss monsters from Altar located in “The Western Deff Hills” crashing the game client

      - Upgrading Transcendence Skills crashing the game client

      - Quest “Delan’s Secret map(26)” provided wrong monster information

      - Hovering mouse over buff icons obtained from Treasure Map in party hunting crashing the game client

      - Purchasing items with Gold Bars in Street Stalls crashing the game client

      - “Din Stein’s Shop” could not be accessed, and “Ring of Trials” could not be purchased

      - Enchant Shop from Guild Hall Enchant merchant did not show properly


      We thank you for patience and kind understanding while we were making fixes on the issues.


      Best regards,
      Red Stone Online