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      [Notice - March Update Brief Overview]



      Welcome, players of Red Stone Online.


      Below are a brief overview of the March 2019 Update.



      1. Spiritualist / Princess / Summoner / Fallen Angel / Necromancer Balance Patch


      2. New PVP 1vs1 system available on Saturday and Sunday


      3. Guild System rework provides useful buffs and daily / weekly quests and rewards


      4. Field Boss / Elite Pet regen time tweak for faster taming and set farming


      5. Tutorial rework for guideline from level 1 to 900 and new Adventurer Coin items


      6. Mission Book system for increased character power after completing missions.


      7. Convenience patches including Tamer skill master quest tweak, new mirror fields, third inventory bag, new titles and more



      Please look out for more detailed patchnotes which will be uploaded in near future.


      Thank you.