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      [Update 5 - Musketeer Balance Patch]

      1. Musketeer Rework


      Careful Choice
      Skill Change: CP Use, Physical damage reduced. CP Gain altered. Level scaling physical damage added. The skill can “Double Critical”.


      Skill Change: CP Gain, number of attack increased. Physical damage changed. Fire rate and animation frame reduced.



      Attraction Draw
      Skill Change: Number of Attacks, Area of Effect improved. Target limit removed. Cooldown added.



      Over Bullet
      Skill Change: Physical damage and critical effect removed. Activation rate increased to 100%. Fire attribute additional damage added. CP Use reduced.



      Sorcerer’s Reload
      Skill Change: Rifle magic charge duration reduced. Limit Break Chance added. Only applies to Rifle skills.



      Acrobatic Gunner
      Skill Change: CP Use, CP Gain, Range, Knockback distance reduced. Final damage increase, and Damage increase buff added.



      Skill Change: Charge time reduced. Critical hit chance improved. CP Use reduced.



      Hollow Point
      Skill Change: Physical damage improved



      Incendiary Shell
      Skill Change: Fire area duration, fire damage improved. Fire area evasion reduction added.



      Party Time
      Skill Change: Physical damage, physical damage per magic power, damage increase per magic power improved.



      Absrob Heat
      Skill Change: CP Gain bonus and skill duration improved.



      Forward Volition
      Skill Change: CP Gain bonus and skill duration improved.



      Vision-Attraction Draw
      Skill Change: Skill cooldown reduced by 1 second.



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