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      [Notice - Snowy Winter Event]

      Here are the details for our Snowy Winter Event.

      1. Musketeer&Werewolf Stat&Skill Reset Event



      2018/11/12 After Maintenance ~ 2018/11/26 01:00(in-game time)




      - Musketeer/Alchemist characters and Magician/Werewolf characters can reset thier stat points and skill points ONCE during event period.


      - Stat&Skill points can be reset from NPC Obilina located next to NPC Event Helper in High Brunenstig (83, 122)



      2. Snowy Winter Eccentric Jar Event

      [Event Time]


      1. 2018/11/15 18:00(in-game time)

      2. 2018/11/19 22:00(in-game time)

      3. 2018/11/22 18:00(in-game time)

      4. 2018/11/26 22:00(in-game time)

      5. 2018/11/29 18:00(in-game time)

      6. 2018/12/03 22:00(in-game time)




      - Eccentric Jar will be used for players to raid bosses and get rewards at Battle Arena(184, 65) in Central Platen Boulevard / Near the Entrance to Brunenschteig at designated time.



      3. Snowy Winter Equipment Rental Event



      2018/11/15 After Maintenance ~ 2018/12/13 Before Maintenance




      - Equipments listed below are available for rental from NPC Balloon Merchant(96, 113) in High Brunenstig.





      4. Snowy Winter Limited Sale



      2018/11/12 After Miantenance ~ 2018/11/26 00:00(in-game time)




      - Sparkling Magic Stone Box can be purchased from Limited shop with 32 Points.


      - You can randomly obtain one of the items listed below when you open Sparkling Magic Stone Box.




      * Listed below are the item options




      5. Snowy Winter Mini-Pet 1+1 Sale



      2018/11/15 After Maintenance ~ 2018/11/29 Before Maintenance




      - All Items in Mini Pet category of Point shop will be subject to 1+1 Event when purchased.


      - You obtain 2 items when you purchase one of the items listed below.




      Please note

      1. Event details could be changed due to internal affairs. Any changes made will be notified in a separate announcement.