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      [Update 3 - Tamer Balance Patch]

      1. Tamer Balance Patch


      1) Treatment skill rework



      2) 4 New Elite Pets added



      3) Elixer of Growth and Special Secret Medicine of Growth item change


      - These items can now be used on all pets, not just battle pets.


      4) Pet summon cooldown change.


      - Tamed pet summon cooldown reduced to 2 minutes, from 10 minutes.


      5) Tamed pet Rank categorized according to pet minimum/maximum level.


      - Rank 1 range LV. 1~1000, Rank 2 range LV 500~1500, Rank 3 range LV 1000~2000.

      ex) Rank 1 pets can only level up to LV 1000.

      - All pets currently available are Rank 1 pets.

      - The 4 new pets added are Rank 2 pets.

      - New field monsters and new Elite pets added from now on will be Rank 2 pets.

      - When Tamer class tames a monster, the pet level will not drop below the minimum level for the pet rank.

      ex) When Tamer tames a Rank 2 monster, the pet level will not drop below LV 500.

      - Maximum level for monsters can be checked from Tamer Pet Status menu. 


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