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      [Preview]November Update Sneak Peek




      1. Main Quest Part 2


      A brand new storyline with new adventures and a repeatable quest with three different rewards to choose from.


      - Nephon Creature Cocoons

      - Blank Desing Book for Magic Injection System

      - Stat or Skill Point Upgrade.



      2. New Class Transformation "Alchemist"


      Alchemist, transformation class of Musketeer will be made available for play.


      - Alchemist destorys his enemies with alchemical flames.

      - He heals allies with potions he brew.

      - Gives out buffs by providing assisstance with alchemically produced wind.

      - Summons homunculus to aid him in battle.



      3. Tamer Rework


      Tamer class receives a tweak for user convenience


      - 4 new elite pets

      - Summon cooldown reduction

      - Treatment skill healing in percentage, according to pet health.



      4. Musketeer / Werewolf Balance Patch


      - Werewolf, while maintaining the original concept of the character, receives drastic changes by having 3 reaction skills changed to passives, and having some set skill values turned into percentages.


      - Musketeer becomes more lethal with increased utility, and skill tweaks adding various effects, while also receiving animation change for increased activation speed.



      5. Magic Injection System


      Magic Injection is a new system that provides set effects to equipments by using new item "Magic Ink" and "Design Book."


      - Various different set effects available according to "Design Book".

      - Set effect value increases as you upgrade your effect.



      6. Boost Growth Support System


      You can purchase DX Unique items at reduced quality with Adventure Coins to help level up.



      7. New Ulti-Unique Equipments


      New Ulti-Unique items, with higher quality than DX Uniques will be brought int.



      8. Unique Recipe Rework


      +10 Eternal items could be changed into Eternal Ult items with new unique recipes.



      9. Rebirth System Rework


      Rebirth system will be reworked so players start from minimum level 300, in Rebirth 1 to 3, and gets EXP boost according to number of Rebirths.



      10. New Nephon Creatures


      12 new Nephon Creatures will be added for you to collect.



      More details about the update will be announced in a future date.


      Thank you.