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      [Sale - Event Durational Costume]

      Here are the details for our Limited Sale for Red Stone Burn and Earn event.



      2018/09/06 00:00 ~ 2018/10/10 22:00 (In-game time)


      *Burn and Earn Event Durational Costume


      -Event Costume Box will be removed on October 10th 22:00 (In-game time)

      -Event Costume can be used for 30 days starting from the time when user opens the box.

      -Event Costume provides Halloween Costume design.

      -Event Costume provides All Stat +200, EXP gain +50%

      -Event Costume Box[Power] has 5 physical magic stone set in costume.

      -Event Costume Box[Knowledge] has 5 magical magic stone set in costume.



      Event Costume Box[Power] Magic Stone


      Physical aggressive power increase +35% x2

      Strength +75

      Evasion +4% x2


      Event Costume Box[Knowledge] Magic Stone


      Magic fatal blow percentage +4% x2

      Knowledge +75

      Evasion +4% x2