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      [Event - Burn and Earn Event]

      Here are the event details for Red Stone Burn and Earn event.



      Burn and Earn Event Details




      2018/09/06 00:00 ~ 2018/10/10 22:00 (In-game time)

      *Rosewelt Merchants Group Event


      -Rosewelt Merchant Group NPC "Pola" on Brunenstig(108, 67) will take 1 Crystal Stone and provide random items.

      -Rosewelt Merchant Group NPC "Dominic" on Brunenstig(106, 65) will take 1 Complete Tantilis Relic and provide random items.

      -Rosewelt Merchant Group NPC "Canon" on Brunenstig(104, 67) will take 1 Mystery Stone and provide random items.



      List of Items "Pola" Provides


      Mischievous Ring [Colossus]

      Mischievous Ring [Merman Knight]

      Mischievous Ring [Pumpkin Head]

      Mischievous Ring [Succubus]

      Mischievous Ring [Cobalt]

      Ring of Memory [Exp]

      Box of Stone Piece of Wish

      Odd Jar

      100 Mutant Flower



      List of Items "Dominic" Provides


      Ring - Future of Tantilis

      Necklace - Hope of Tantilis

      Belt - Wish of Tantilis

      Sanson's Leather Hat

      Hanson's Headband

      Girl's Toy Tiara

      100 Mutant Flower



      List of Items "Canon" Provides


      Ring of Despair

      Twisted Faith

      Engraved Book [1st edition]

      Holy Creature's Cookie Jar

      100 Mutant Flower



      *Longtime Burn and Earn Event


      - Receive "Mysterious Jar" and "Mysterious Essence Case" by talking to NPC "Event Helper" on Brunenstig(81,124)

      - Check the time when you possess those two items.

      - Essence figure in the case will be increased every 30 mins.

      - You can enhance your Jar with Essence and also exchange EXP/Gold Pouch with Essence.

      - The reward increases according to enhancement stage of the Jar (Higher stages, Higher reward)

      - Gold Pouch can be used by characters over 300 level.



      *Burn and Earn Equipment Rental Event


      - You can rent items with gold from NPC "Balloon Merchant" on Brunenstig(97,114)

      - We have three different rental events according to level of the characters.

      - Characters with over 800 level can rent Black Fire Unique items.

      - All rental items will be expired after 24hours from you rent the items.


      List of Black Fire Unique Items for Rental


      Necklace - King’s Knot

      Necklace - Octahedral Mirror

      Belt - Hector’s Grudge

      Belt - Blooming Coil

      Glove - Fist Lord

      Glove - Butter Finger

      Helmet - Cardinal Tuft

      Crown - Sorceress’s Hood

      All Class Armor - Titan’s Shoulder

      All Class Armor - Faded Armor

      All Class Armor - Asacs’ Madness

      Boots - Daoring’s Touch

      Boots - Fenon’s Jar

      Cape - Catastrophe

      Cape - Contemporary Artisan

      Earrings - Radiation Singularity

      Earrings - Fragrance of Goddess



      *Burning Potato Gift Box


      - You can get “Burn and Earn Gift Box” with some chance by defeating monsters that have ± 150 level from your character

      - When you open “Burn and Earn Gift Box”, one of below items will be provided.


      List of Burn and Earn Gift Box


      Cracked Ring of Blue Valor

      Ring of Red Valor

      Burning Potato Adventurer’s Log

      Mutated Flower x 10

      Mutated Flower x 50

      Mutated Flower x 100

      Shana’s Material Box

      Upgraded Great Charging Potion

      Raging Dragon’s Heart



      *Gold Time x2.0


      - Gold Time x2.0 will be applied between the time mentioned below.

      1st week: September 6th 00:00 ~ September 12th 00:00 (In-game time)

      2nd week: September 20th 00:00 ~ September 26th 00:00 (In-game time)

      3rd week: October 4th 00:00 ~ October 10th 00:00 (In-game time)